Come join Anne Noctuelle Kink Workshop series beginning in October. You will learn a whole lot about Kink play and how you can add to your sexual satisfaction!


Workkshop 1: 10th October - 6pm - 10pm Japanese Rope Bondage for beginners wishing to learn how to use rope in a safe, sustainable manner for added sexual pleasure in the bedroom. This intimate workkshop and one on one tuition teaches you various shibari ties for the bedroom. Focusing on safety and protocol with practical hands on guidance, you will learn all the tricks of the trade taking your bedroom experiences to new heights. This workshop is a must for anyone interested in rope play. 

What to bring: Please bring your own ropes (ideally 4 lengths of shibari rope (ca. 8m per rope) or similar.) 


Workkshop 2: 17th October - 6pm - 10pm Spanking and Impact Play. A fun and friendly workkshop covering impact play and shibari ties that are suitable for impact play. With this hands-on workkshop you will learn how to take your partner on a rollercoaster ride of different sensations. The sharp sting of a crop or the deep penetrative thud of a paddle, which will you prefer?

What to bring: Please bring your own ropes (ideally 4 lengths of shibari rope (ca. 8m per rope) or similar.) Your favourite impact toys.


Workkshop 3 - 7th November - 6pm - 10pm Sensual Kink. A sensual workkshop for those who want to learn how to arouse using the senses. Focusing on safety, anatomy & psychology we will guide you with plenty of hands on practice covering everything from sensory deprivation, sensory heightening, wax play, breath play and hair ties. This workkshop is one of a kind, great for learning a few tricks to take home and drive that special someone wild.

What to bring: Please bring your own ropes (ideally 4 lengths of Shibari rope (ca. 8m per rope) or similar.) Your favourite toys for sensual play (candles, blindfolds, gags, etc. - be creative).


What to wear to all workshops: Comfortable clothing, for example yoga attire.

Anna Noctuelle discovered Shibari - the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage - over a decade ago and has worked with this art form as a model, performer and teacher as well as an artist. With her background in classical ballet and as a current yoga student, Anna Noctuelle has exceptional body awareness skills in ropes and suspension. Her background in classical dance and her interest in Buddhism and meditation also influence her aesthetic and philosophical approach to Shibari. 

She is London based but happy to travel and available as a performance artist, for workshops and private tuitions either as a model or for teaching modelling skills, as well as for photo and video shoots.



1 x Workkshop £80 

2 x Workkshop £140 

3 x Workkshop £180

Single Girl/Guy: 

1 x Wokkshop £45

2 x Workkshop £70 

3 x Workkshop £95

If you book 2 workshops deal please email us at and specify which sessions you are interested in.


What is Kurious Kittens? 

Kurious Kittens is Killing Kittens little sibling. Where they have joined forces with educators and free-thinkers to educate open-minded people about the world of sex, hedonism and exploration. Topics vary from female biology and orgasms to bondage, mindfulness, meditation and massage. Specialists relative to each subject start the evening with a combination of talks, presentations and exercises which generally lead to further exploration through open discussion. 

Our different Kurious events include:

Kurious Talkk - open to both women and men dedicated to teaching you all something new 

Bookklub - a night where woman can connect with other like-minded women

Mantalkk - a mens only night for men to discuss real man stuff

Workkshops - our hands-on, interactive events to teach new skills and practices.

Kurious Nights - our social nights at venues around London designed for you to meet new people and have a fabulous Kurious night


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Kurious Workkshops: Kinkk Play 10th, 17th October & 7th November


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Date and Time

Wednesday 7th November 2018
18:00 (UTC)


Single Girls: £45. Single Guys: £45. Couples: £80.

Dress Code

Casual Wear

Event Type

Kurious Kittens (more info)