We invite you to our Kurious Talkk with dating expert Johnny Cassell!

Johnny Cassell, a confidence and seduction coach will guide you through how to create intrigue and maintain that spark! He will help you discover how to generate attraction and pass it on. He will walk you through the steps you can take to manage social encounters and optimise the level of attraction, regardless of gender! Want to differentiate yourself from your friends and exude that 'WOW' factor when you enter a room? Come join Johnny for one of the most comprehensive dating talks in the country! 

This is a talk for anyone interested in adding excitement to their dating life and honing their social and sexual skills! Open to women, men and couples.


Following on from this talk Johnny will also be hosting a an in-depth workshop in January.. keep your eyes peeled for the event! 



Johnny Cassell is a leading voice in the world of seduction and dating. He runs regular workshops and bespoke coaching solutions designed to help men and women find their core confidence and attract the type of partners they truly desire. Johnny also operates tailored one-to-one courses and successfully helps elite, professional men and women from all over the world to break down their internal barriers. His behaviourist approach has given him platforms on Sky News, BBC Radio, The Sunday Times, and more. He has also been featured in a handful of high profile international documentaries. Johnny has been guiding his students along the path to self-realisation since 2005. 



What is Kurious Kittens? 

Kurious Kittens is Killing Kittens little sibling. Where they have joined forces with educators and free-thinkers to educate open-minded people about the world of sex, hedonism and exploration. Topics vary from female biology and orgasms to bondage, mindfulness, meditation and massage. Specialists relative to each subject start the evening with a combination of talks, presentations and exercises which generally lead to further exploration through open discussion. 

Our different Kurious events include:

Kurious Talkk - open to both women and men dedicated to teaching you all something new 

Bookklub - a night where woman can connect with other like-minded women

Mantalkk - a mens only night for men to discuss real man stuff

Workkshops - our hands-on, interactive events to teach new skills and practices.

Kurious Nights - our social nights at venues around London designed for you to meet new people and have a fabulous Kurious night


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Kurious Talkk: Seduction is a Two Way Street


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Thursday 10th January 2019


Single Girls: £.

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Kurious Kittens (more info)