Are you looking to maximise your return on the time and energy you put into dating?

Do you find it difficult to convey confidence in every step?

Have you been searching for a workshop that gives you all the foundation you need to succeed?

Join internationally renowned dating coach and innovator Johnny Cassell in a collaboration with Kurious Kittens, one of the most exclusive and sensual boutique workshops in London.


The 5 Hour Breakthrough Workshop Experience is a complete immersion in dating technique and confidence building for both men and women.

With Johnny’s 15 years of experience, you’ll learn about a range of useful skills, including:

- Mindset management: How to train yourself out of a negative mind state and install positive belief

- Self-esteem: Love yourself and using that love to guide decisions

- Core confidence: Ways to truly embody confidence in every step and the process of getting there.

- Communication skills: Stimulating conversation and learning about effective questioning

- Communicating desire and interest: Setting your stall out at the very start of a conversation

- Mastery of flirting: Learn to to flirt successfully, get the best results, and enjoy yourself in the process

- How to lead: Showing you can be decisive and assumptive

- Approach groups: How to feel comfortable talking to large groups of people

- Daytime dating: Methods of approaching people during the daytime/evening

- Body language: Conveying comfort and knowing how to use and control body language as a tool.

- Style and personal branding: Knowing that you are a brand and how to enhance the impact of your image

And much, much more…


Book your place today and bring new energy and success to your dating life. Ticket price includes glass of fizz on arrival and a light lunch.


Johnny Cassell is a leading voice in the world of seduction and dating. He runs regular workshops designed to help men of high net worth find their core confidence and attract the type of woman they truly desire. Johnny has also been operating bespoke one-on-one 7-Day courses and successfully helping elite, professional men from all over the world smash through their boundaries. His behaviorist approach has given him platforms on Sky News, BBC Radio, The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, LBC, and The Metro. Johnny has been guiding men along the path to self-realisation since 2005.


What is Kurious Kittens?

Kurious Kittens is Killing Kittens little sister. Both have joined forces with educators and free-thinkers to teach open-minded people about the world of sex, hedonism and exploration. Topics vary from the female body and orgasms to bondage, mindfulness, meditation and massage. Specialists relative to each subject lead our events with a combination of talks, presentations and exercises which generally lead to further exploration through open discussion.

Kurious events include:

Kurious Talkk - Open to both women and men dedicated to teaching you all something new

Bookklub - A night where like-minded women can learn, connect and engage, following a presentation from one of our guest speakers

Mantalkk - Men only! A night for men to discuss real man stuff

Workkshops -  Our hands-on, interactive events will teach you new skills anAre you looking to maximise your return on the time and energy you put into dating?

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Kurious Workkshop - Seduction is a Two Way Street


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Date and Time

Saturday 26th January 2019
12:00 (UTC)


Single Girls: £65. Single Guys: £65.

Dress Code

Casual Wear

Event Type

Kurious Kittens (more info)