Join KK founder Emma Sayle as she hosts a panel with some fierce female trailblazers in the sex product industry!

We’ve all been in that situation looking for a sex toy or condom with our heads bowed down hoping you don’t bump into anyone you know whilst picking up the garish bottle of Durex lube. Up until recently, most sex products out there haven’t been discrete or contemporary. This is because the sex products industry has been and is predominantly male led.. They aren’t creating products that are subtle, elegantly designed or even remotely sexy to women. But now, we are seeing a shift in the products out there. More and more women are taking the lead and creating toys, lube, condoms and so on for WOMEN with WOMEN'S needs in mind. Products that are not only aesthetically-pleasing, completely safe but also that do the job a whole lot better.

This panel discussion we sit down and chat with Farah and Sarah, the co-founder of Hanx, Sue the managing director of Rocks-Off and Sarah the co-founder of The YES YES Company. Three true trailblazers that have created some amazing products that communicate with women!

Please join us for what will definitely be an intelligent, controversial and lively discussion.

Arrive at The Library for 7pm for a fizz reception

The talk will begin 7.30pm


About The Panel:

Emma Sayle is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’. She made her name launching the elite global adult-party brand Killing Kittens in 2005, she has gone on to become a leading spokesperson for the female-first movement. Her passion for female empowerment is the driving force behind the KK Group, which inspires women to make connections socially, sexually, romantically and professionally, through experiences created both online and offline.

Farah and Sarah founders of HANX are good friends from school, "so we go way back!" After school in York, they both went to Durham University. Farah ended up working in investment banking in London, whilst Sarah has moved around working in medicine, focussing on gynaecology and sexual health. HANX was born at the end of 2015, when they realised there was no condom brand out there talking to women or representing what they wanted. This was when they officially become business partners as well as friends!

Sue Walsh is the Managing Director of Rocks Off Limited the UK’s leading manufacturer and innovator of SWB and adult pleasure products. Since Joining the company in 2012 she has worked together with the company’s design and development teams and has been instrumental in taking the brand directly into the mainstream. In a business environment that had previously been male dominated for many years she believes the beneficial changes we are now seeing in the pleasure product industry in terms of style, finishes, presentation and their “coming of age” as lifestyle products can be directly attributed to female influencers.

Sarah Brooks is co-founder and formulation chemist at The YES YES Company - in 2003 she set out to ‘change the world from the inside’ with business partner Susi Lennox, after discovering that most lubricants contained potentially harmful ingredients. This inspired Sarah and Susi to sell their houses to fund research and develop a range of certified organic, hypoallergenic, body safe and side-effect free intimacy products that really work.


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Kurious Talk - Pandora's Box


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Date and Time

Wednesday 23rd January 2019
19:00 (UTC)


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