Our 3-night retreat weekend based in the beautiful Sussex countryside welcomes like-minded couples who want to explore themselves and each other through a mixture of methods.   The weekend will be hosted at a spacious mansion surrounded by the beautiful rolling Sussex countryside.  You will be welcomed to a beautiful mansion house, country walks, a kitchen table that will play host to some enlightening chats, sofas that will never let you stand up will all be at your disposal over the weekend making this the ultimate retreat weekend.   

What is the Sankktuary?

The Sankktuary is a place for you to explore yourselves and each other, discover new paths to pleasure while relaxing and detoxifying your body, energise your spirits and stimulate your minds. Our retreats offer relaxation, yoga (clothes optional…), workshops, massage, tantra, delicious meals and an opportunity to put the world to rights around the kitchen table!   Hosted at boutique retreats in beautiful surroundings we invite you to join us for a weekend of wellness, conscious sexuality and pleasures.


There is no other weekend like it…you may find a single workshop experience,  a tantric experience, a chance to chill and chat…but no other experience will combine all these powerful forces.  The weekend sees couples embark on a journey…a journey of self exploration, of rediscovering the spark, recreating the magic, re-awakening the ability to actually stop, look at each other and listen to each other.  Add in the ability to drink endless cups of tea, perhaps a few glasses of wine whilst sharing stories  and you have one magical, awakening of the senses, emotive weekend.

What types of workshops are there? 

(workshops are subject to change each Sankktuary)

The Sankktuary weekends offer a variety of workshops.  We put our heads together with our amazing team of experts to decide what amazing, enticing, enthralling workshops we think will awaken your senses.  Here’s just a few examples of workshops past and present:-


The Art of Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of love making which is often overlooked. Knowing the true art of foreplay is key to a super sensual, intimate and ecstatic love making.  During this workshop we will guide you through some amazing techniques and methods that can reignite the sparks in your intimate erotic life forever!


Sensual Touch

A gentle exploration of our body, heart and mind. This beautiful sensual touch workshop will give you both space to drop into the bodies deep desire for rest under the hands of your partner and a few feathers.   This will be a guided exploration giving you the chance to awaken the senses and sooth the soul. A beautiful way to bring you both together and complete the weekend. 


Lingam Massage for Couples 

Learn the blissful art of Lingam Massage (the massage of the male genitalia) and help your man to gain a better control over the sexual energy, relax and feel increased pleasure, to feel loved and adored by you, increase his power of erection and orgasmic power.  Create a deep intimacy, trust and love between the two of you.


Yoni Massage for couples

Learn the art of Yoni Massage (the massage of the female genitalia) and help your woman to open erotically, experience multiple prolonged orgasms, amplify her femininity and sensuality, remove trauma and inhibition and increase her self worth and confidence.



Option 1:  3 nights onsite accommodation with en suite (all inclusive – workshops, meals, drinks, massage)

£1500 - £2000 subject to accommodation choice.

Option 2:  3 nights onsite accommodation with shared bathroom (all inclusive – workshops, meals, drinks, massage)



Feedback from Previous Sankktuary Retreats

“I can honestly say it’s been life changing.  Its given me a lot to think about and explore for myself and my relationships”.

"The experts were amazing and very professional. Clearly very skilled in their areas of interest but not only that, they could also share and infuse us with their enthusiasm. What we learnt will certainly help us keep that spark going in our own relationship and also help us with our own ongoing exploration of the interaction of intimacy and eroticism."

"We just got back to New York.   We can’t stop saying how we had such an amazing time with you, Tracy, Catherine and Morgan!  We appreciate all of the hard work the team put into the event.   I am sure we will return again in the future."

"We were naturally apprehensive about attending our first Kittens event especially as we are now very much into the Silver years. We should not have worried as we were made very welcome and also found it easy to gel with the other guests who also shared our outlook on life and the pursuit of fun."

"Just wanted to say at the end of the last event i focused on speaking about the joy of the tantric massage which as it was my first was truly amazing, however in hindsight i omitted to mention how as a trio you have all individually supported (me and my partner) over the previous year in broadening our experiences.  We are always made to feel most welcome and i personally feel very much at ease with you all and consider you all as friends and i very much look forward to seeing you all soon.”

"Trust me, a SanKKtuary weekend will change you in an unimaginable way and your relationship will thank you for gorging on its spread. SanKKtuary needs to be relished, first hand, as a couple."


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Sankktuary Winter Retreat - 3 night Accommodation

Secret Sussex Mansion

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Date and Time

Friday 1st November 2019


Couples: £1,200.00

Dress Code

Casual moveable clothes by day and Black-tie by night

Event Type

KK Party (more info)