Killing Kittens presents: A Tantric Journey Series of 3 workshops with Barbora! It is recommended to attend all 3 workshops in order, however you are still completely welcome to attend 1 or 2.


What will you learn from these workshops:

  1. How to increase and contain your sexual energy
  2. Reconnect to your body and sexual being
  3. Learn more about how to enjoy and share pleasure and express your desires
  4. Learn skills to release stress and feel more sexual

Please come with a partner you trust, enjoy being intimate and honest with.

£100 per couple, per workshop, or £260 for all 3.


Workshop 2: Let’s Explore Pleasure

After Becoming Sensual in our first evening now it is time to Explore Pleasure.


Keywords for this evening: feeling safe, feeling good in your body, exploring, permission to feel pleasure.


Your body was built for pleasure, it’s a natural instinct to seek it.

Let’s be playful and curious about how you connect and feel pleasure in your body.


What you will learn:

  • How you can invite more pleasure into your life
  • Through playful games in couples you will experience how you can increase the sensation of your skin and body
  • Playing with control and connecting with your body through breath, body movement and conscious touch exercises


What bring with you:

Please bring clothes you feel sensual and comfortable in (e.g. yoga clothes/pajamas)




N.B. Of course your boundaries are fully respected and you are not obliged to do anything outwith your comfort zone.


Don’t forget it is the Journey itself that is interesting, challenging and joyful. There is no goal to reach, just enjoy your Journey.

For some inspiration you are welcome to read more:


About Barbora:

I have been working with Tantra, sexuality, therapy and psychotherapy through different techniques, exercises and seminars last 7 years. I have been fortunate to work with Dynamic Tantra, tantric massage, yoni-lingam touch, and sex-fullness seminars in the Mahamudra Institute in Denmark. Now I work with Psychosexual Somatic Therapy in London, studying more of psychotherapy to understand deeper our body and brain connections and how sexual energy feels and can be own in body.


I adore my own tantric journey and I am happy to invite others to enjoy their own one.

If you have any specific questions before we meet please feel free to send me email: Or if you would like more information about my Tantra work you can look on my website




Killing Kittens put on all sorts of different workshops and talks... Where they have joined forces with educators and free-thinkers to educate open-minded people about the world of sex, hedonism and exploration. Topics vary from female biology and orgasms to bondage, mindfulness, meditation and massage. Specialists relative to each subject start the evening with a combination of talks, presentations and exercises which generally lead to further exploration through open discussion.


Our different events include:

Talkks - open to both women and men dedicated to teaching you all something new

Bookklub - a night where woman can connect with other like-minded women

Mantalkk - a mens only night for men to discuss real man stuff

Workkshops - our hands-on, interactive events to teach new skills and practices.

Killing Kittens Social Parties - our social nights at venues around London designed for you to meet new people and have a fabulous Kurious night

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Killing Kittens Workshop: Tantric Journey Series Workshop 2


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Date and Time

Wednesday 19th June 2019
18:30 (UTC)


Dress Code

Comfortable Attire

Event Type

Kurious Kittens (more info)