The ultimate confidence workshop for women who want to feel FIERCE and FREE in and out of the bedroom.

Confidence THE SEXIEST thing for a woman to wear… even sexier than the red sole of your So Kates. Really.


There is however a nasty rumor that confidence is something you are born with, you either have it or you don’t.

Another is that you can only feel confident with the perfect body.

Or when you’ve mastered the perfect combination porn actor deep throat skills with the flexibility and stamina of an Olympic gymnast.


I mean great if you do, but most if you don’t - does that mean you can’t be sexy???


You don’t need these reasons to be confident.

CONFIDENCE is what make you sexy.


In this incredible workshop we’re going to lift the secret to core level confidence in the bedroom, play party, hotel room… office desk…  whenever and wherever YOU WANT. 

We’re going to delve into the three levels of confidence…

1.      Surface level confidence; your sexual persona, how to feel FIERCE and FREE when you walk into the room

2.      Competence; understanding how your body works and sex coach tips and techniques to hone your skills

3.      Core level confidence; the FREEDOM of KNOWING and LOVING your authentic sexual self, letting go of the cultural beliefs around female sexuality and FEELING ENOUGH exactly how you are. 


True confidence is a practice that comes from knowing and connecting to your most authentic sexual self, and knowing and loving who YOU are, your wants and desires, expressing the.


This is YOUR PRACTICE, and it starts at this workshop.


Ticket price includes a glass of fizz on arrival.

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About Caroline D'Arcy

Caroline D’Arcy is a Sexual Empowerment Coach, passionate public speaker and founder of Inti-Mate, the home of pleasure-infused sex education for badass women.

After a decade in the corporate world, she had built a successful life (on paper), but inside she felt disconnected, and like the weird one and shame about how much she loved sex.  Drive, ambition and a destructive relationship or two had left her with walls so high she didn’t know how to let anyone in.


Caroline established Inti-Mate to provide the kind of support she herself had needed to connected to herself, let down her barriers and feel empowered by her sex life.

She has been featured in Killing Kittens, Nourish Life, Sex+zine and more. Read Carolin

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Killing Kittens Workshop: Fierce Females


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Date and Time

Thursday 29th August 2019


Kittens: £45.00

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KK Workshop (more info)