Killing Kittens Presents: Sensual Kittens

Foundation & Intermediate Group Massage Workshop

For women who like women

Run by Sex & Relationship Engineer Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters in association with Killing Kittens 


A series of unique sensual massage workshops for women who want to increase their confidence and abilities in giving pleasure to other women.


The training is divided into two levels. Starting with the Foundation and then those that want to continue the training can take the Intermediate level group workshop. For ongoing training, Colin offers private one-to-one, 5, 10 or 20-hour Private Workshops; All workshops attendees practice on specially selected female volunteer receivers.


Forthcoming Dates

Foundation – 17th Oct 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Intermediate – 24th Sept 6.30pm m to 10.30 pm


This Sensual Kittens training will:

  • Teach you to give a full body sensual massage to another woman.
  • Give you the confidence to intimately explore another woman's body.
  • Teach you to use your whole body as a sensual instrument.
  • Develop specific skills in erotic arousal of another woman.
  • Explore the psychology of woman to woman erotic intimacy.


You practice on personally vetted female volunteers, working in pairs to one female volunteer. To take the Foundation workshop past massage experience is not necessary but you do need to have a desire to give sensual touch to another woman. Maximum students attending is 11 with 6 female volunteers.


The Foundation Workshop - 4 hours (please find this event on main page to book separately) 

This 4-hour group workshop is the starting point and can be taken on its own or as step one to move on to the 4-hour Intermediate group workshop. 

Starting with a 45-minute discussion on female sexuality, students then work in pairs as Colin teaches how to give a professional sensual massage to another woman.


The workshop is taught in three practice sessions.

Practice session 1 – 60 minutes

Learning a full body sensual massage routine

Working in pairs and rotating from receiver to receiver, you are taught a step-by-step, a sensual massage routine. From head to toe covering both sides of the naked body this practice session teaches you to become proficient in giving a therapeutic massage incorporating sensual strokes on which to build erotic stimulation.


15 minutes break for feedback from volunteer receivers


Session 2 – 60 minutes

Incorporating surface of body erotic arousal techniques

In this session, the massage routine learned in session 1 is repeated but this time you will include the following aspects and remain on just one receiver.

  • Breast and nipple massage
  • Buttock and upper thigh massage
  • External vaginal stimulation
  • Positioning and edging her towards clitoral orgasm


15 minutes break for feedback from volunteer receivers


Session 3 - 30 minutes

Attendees playtime practice. This session is voluntary


The volunteer receivers depart after session 2 and for session 3 attendees can choose to remain for a further a 30-minute practice session pairing up with another attendee.


The workshop finishes with 10 minutes summing up.


The Intermediate Workshop - 4 hours 

To take part in this workshop, you MUST have completed the Sensual Kittens Foundation workshop or taken a private workshop with Colin or had previous experience in learning how to give a message to a female This is a 4-hour workshop.


The Intermediate Sensual Kittens takes your practical skills, in giving erotic arousal, to another level and provides a more in-depth insight into the female sexual process. With further practice of giving the sensual massage that you learned in the Foundation workshop, in this Intermediate workshop you will be taught additional erotic techniques to include in your sexplay repertoire.


The workshop begins with a 30-minute open discussion on what erotic experience women want to give and receive from another woman. What women are curious about, nervous of, excited to explore.


Session 1, 60 minutes

Mastering Erotic Stimulation

In this session the attendees working in pairs on one volunteer receiver occasionally swapping to other receivers to experience different responses and body type. They give the sensual massage learned so far during which Colin teaches the following techniques. Students follow his example giving to their volunteer receiver.

  • Body to body massage
  • Managing reciprocal arousal whilst maintaining focus on the receiver
  • External anal stimulation
  • G spot and internal vaginal massage
  • A spot massage (anterior fornix)
  • Oral stimulation (discussed)
  • Encouraging ejaculation


15 minutes break for feedback from volunteer receivers


Session 2 – 60 minutes

Bringing it All Together

This practice massage session is given in as authentic way as possible. Attendees continue to work in pairs giving their receiver a full body sensual massage combining all the techniques learned. Again paired up but giving to just one receiver. Lights dimmed, soft music playing, warm oil with the task in hand being to work together to take her on a journey of sensual intimacy and erotic pleasure.


15 minutes break for feedback from volunteer receivers


Session 3 - 30 minutes

Attendees Playtime. This session is voluntary

The volunteer receivers depart, and attendees can choose to remain for a further 30-minute practice session pairing up with another attendee.


The workshop finishes with 10 minutes summing up.


Once you have booked, you will be sent an email requesting to fill out a short questionnaire which will help us ensure you get what you want out of the workshop. Please note you will also be required to bring along a photo ID and sign a waiver form prior to the workshop commencing. 


Please note, you will be emailed 2-3 days prior to the workshop, with the agenda and all other necessary information.

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Killing Kittens Intermediate Workshop: Sensual Kittens Massage

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Date and Time

Thursday 24th October 2019


Kittens: £120.00

Dress Code

Comfortable Attire

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)