With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve got something special in store for you. You will have the chance to see a sensual, sexy Shibari performance that will crawl under your skin, make you shiver and seduce you.

After this very special experience you will have the chance to ask anything you have always wanted to know about shibari and pick up the ropes yourself...

Shibari can be a great way to help improve your sexual experience. It can be a practice to achieve deep, ecstatic and meaningful play with your partner.


Please come with a partner you trust and want to get physically intimate with.


What to wear:

You are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortabl in! Most people change into something like yoga/dance attire. Loose fitting clothing can get in the way and tight non-stretch clothing like jeans can restrict movement. We don’t objec nudity, we just ask you to respect other people around you.


What to bring:

Please bring minimum 2 lengths of Shibari rope (5-6 mm jute or hemp rope). There are several online sources you can purchase these from, for example:



About Anna:

Anna Noctuelle discovered Shibari - the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage - over a decade ago and has worked with this art form as a model, performer and teacher. She has collaborated with riggers and artists from all over the world for workshops, photoshoots and performances.

With her background in classical ballet and as a yoga practitioner, Anna has exceptional body awareness skills in ropes and suspension. This and her interest in Buddhism and spiritual development influence her aesthetic and philosophical approach to Shibari.  


Read Anna's Guide to Shibari on our blog here.



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Killing Kittens Workshop: Shibari Halloween Special


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Date and Time

Tuesday 29th October 2019


Kittens: £45.00
Toms: £45.00
Couples: £90.00

Dress Code

Comfortable Attire

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)