Killing Kittens presents 

Massage My Woman

A series of Sensual Massage Workshops run by Sex & Relationship Engineer Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters 

If you have any questions prior to booking please do not hesitate to email


A sensual massage group workshop for men who want to increase their confidence and abilities in giving erotic pleasure to women. Derived from Colin's Licence to Thrill workshops. Divided in to the Foundation & Intermediate group workshop that can be followed up for those that want further training by taking a Private Advanced Workshop. 

This unique training will:

  • Teach a man to become an excellent lover by understanding the sexual physiology and psychology of women.
  • Increase confidence tapping into and releasing masculine primal energy
  • Empower him with specialist knowledge and skills to stimulate a woman


Location – Intimacy Matters Treatment Rooms – Bermondsey  SE1 4QS 



You practice on personally vetted female volunteers, working in pairs to one female volunteer. Past massage experience is not necessary but you do need to have a desire to give sensual touch. Maximum students is 12 with 6 female volunteers.



Foundation Workshop Dates &Times: 

Thursday 14th November 6.45pm - 10pm


Intermediate Workshop Dates & Times: (must have completed Foundation Workshop prior to taking part in Intermediate Workshop)

Thursday 21st November 7pm - 10pm


Foundation Workshop 

This 3-hour group workshop is the starting point and can be taken on its own or as step one to move on to the 3-hour Intermediate group workshop.

Starting with a 30-minute discussion on female sexuality students work in pairs as Colin teaches a how to give a professional sensual massage to a woman.

The workshop is divided in two parts.


Part 1 - 75 minutes

Learning a full body sensual massage routine

Working in pairs and rotating from receiver to receiver you are taught, step by step, a sensual massage routine. From head to toe on covering both sides of the naked body this practice session teaches you both therapeutic and sensual strokes on which to build erotic sensual touch and erotic stimulation.


Part 2 - 45 minutes

Incorporating erotic arousal techniques

In this part the routine is repeated but this time you will include the following aspects:

  • How to encourage slow arousal by stimulating her mind
  • Subtle arousing touch to bring on desire
  • How to touch of the sensitive but non-erotic areas of the female body
  • Breast and nipple massage
  • Buttock and upper thigh massage
  • External vaginal stimulation
  • Positioning and edging her towards clitoral orgasm


The workshop finishes with 10 minutes feedback from the female volunteers on your style and technique.






Intermediate Workshop (please find this event on the main page to book separately)

To take part in this workshop you MUST have completed the License to Thrill Foundation workshop


The Intermediate License to Thrill Workshop takes your practical skills, in giving erotic arousal, to another level and provides a deeper insight into the female sexual process.

With further practice of giving the sensual massage you learned in the Foundation workshop, in the Intermediate workshop you will be taught additional erotic techniques to include in your lovemaking repertoire. These techniques will give her sensations she has probably not experienced before.

Starting with a 30-minute discussion on how women like to be brought to orgasm and what dynamic they like to feel from their man.


Part 1, 75 minutes

Mastering Erotic Stimulation

Colin gives detailed instruction on the following techniques. Students follow example on the volunteer receivers.

  • Body to body massage
  • Managing reciprocal arousal but maintaining focus on her
  • External anal stimulation
  • G spot massage
  • A spot massage (anterior fornix)
  • Encouraging female ejaculation


15 minutes break


Part 2 – 45 minutes 

Bringing it All Together

This final practice massage session is given in as authentic way as possible. Students continue to work in pairs giving their ‘receiver a full body sensual massage combining all the techniques learned. Lights dimmed, soft music playing, warm oil the task in hand is to work together to take your lady on a journey of sensual intimacy and erotic pleasure.

We finish with feedback on their experience from the female receivers.


Once you have booked, you will be sent an email requesting to fill out a short questionnaire which will help us ensure you get what you want out of the workshop. Please note you will also be required to bring along photo ID and acknowledge and agree to terms of disclaimer which will be sent to you 2-3 days before the workshop. Along with the agenda and FAQS.

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Killing Kittens Foundation Workshop: Massage My Woman (Men Only)


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Date and Time

Thursday 14th November 2019


Toms: £125.00

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Comfortable Attire

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KK Workshop (more info)