Here are the most common questions our membership team get asked. If you have a question about your Killing Kittens membership, please contact us.

I have applied for KK membership but I can’t use the Litterbox. Why not?

Before you use any of the functionality and features of the site, your account needs to have gone through the full verification and vetting process before it can be activated. Once you have been approved as a KK member, you will receive your verification email and you will be able to use the Litterbox.

How is my application vetted?

When you create your Killing Kittens account and log in, please ensure you upload your photos and complete your profile as fully as possible. This information is used in the vetting process. If we need to ask you any further questions, we will send you an internal email via the KK website so during the process, keep checking your KK inbox for any communication from us.

I’ve not yet received my Confirm Email’ email.

Before you log into your KK account, you must confirm your email address. To re-send your confirmation email, click here.

How do I upgrade my account?

When you log in and go to My Account, you will be presented with all your upgrade options so you can benefit from the very best KK experience…!

For all other queries or questions, please contact us.