The History Of Killing Kittens

In the relentless pursuit of female pleasure, Killing Kittens creates an electrically-charged environment where girls and couples can explore their sexuality in a daring yet safe and controlled way in New York penthouses, St. Tropez super-yachts and über-exclusive luxury locations the world over.

Who Are Killing Kittens?

Dubbed ‘the underground party’ and lauded by critics, Killing Kittens hosts exclusive parties for the beautiful, rich and famous – the world’s sexual elite – to explore their wildest sexual desires and innermost fantasies. Launched in 2005 by Emma Sayle in response to demand from young, independent and solvent single girls and couples with charisma who needed something more, Killing Kittens created the world’s most exclusive, decadent and hedonistic parties, fully focused on the pursuit of female pleasure. Killing Kittens, the world’s most exciting underground party scene, is for girls in control who know what they want.

The Success Of Killing Kittens

The success of Killing Kittens is fundamentally centred on our stringent membership screening process. We are wholly unapologetic to say that we discriminate based on style, looks, charisma and the unknown ‘X’ factor and the way Killing Kittens stays at the top of the tree is that these criteria are adhered to, always. There is no template for the perfect Killing Kittens member and our vetting process takes in a number of attributes but we are completely confident that every member – whose identities remain secret – has traits that are exciting, titillating and attractive to those with a similar mind set.

Killing Kittens – More Than Just A Party

Killing Kittens has moved beyond organising parties. We have become a movement. A by-word for independent girls and couples who know what they want and aren’t afraid to relentlessly pursue it. All parties begin with guests wearing masks and if you decide to reveal your identity during the evening, that’s your choice. We have grown from a small, intimate group to an international online community of almost 40,000 members, including 80% women; a testament to our single-minded reach for the ultimate in female pleasure. Girls, we make the rules and we can break the rules…