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"Sex Parties Are the Latest Trend to Hit the Hamptons"

"Things change when we change ourselves, and I will forever be grateful to KK for providing me with a vision of what a better version of sexual interaction looks like."

"It's the hottest thing I've ever, ever experienced."

"In the space of a decade, her [Emma's] orgies have seen 40,000 high-flying hedonists perform some unrepeatable acts of decadence"

"What's to be ashamed of in a movement that provides women with a platform to discover themselves in such an exciting (yet safe) and risqué way."

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Killing Kittens sex club launches £90 burlesque classes to teach women art of seduction

Female founders are breaking the sex taboo

Female founders are dominating the sextech sector despite facing serious funding issues

A £5 million company with a female CEO

hosts underground, masked sex parties raised nearly £600,000 to launch an app

Startup Microdose Podcast

Emma Sayle - The Changing Landscape of Sex & Sexuality

Badass Women’s Show TalkRadio

Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens talk about SafeDate at Badass Women's Show TalkRadio

Growth Business

Entrepreneur profile: Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens


Divorced and in my 40s, I found empowerment at sex parties

Business Advice

Killing Kittens founder plans to expand her safe space sex business by crowdfunding

Business Matters

Killing Kittens one of world’s biggest sex parties aimed at women opens equity funding raise

Business Matters

Getting To Know You: Emma Sayle, Founder & CEO Killing Kittens

Love Sport Radio with Dr Pam Spurr

Love Sport Radio with Dr Pam Spurr and Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens

LBC Radio

LBC interview with Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens


A mother-of-two shares her journey of sexual freedom after leaving her husband

Emma joins Dr Radha & Katie Thistleton @ BBC1

Queen Kitten Emma Sayle had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Katie Thistleton & Dr Radha onto Radio 1 Life Hacks to discuss all things Kittens!

KK Amsterdam

Killing Kittens Worlds best kept secret is coming to Amsterdam the 30th of March 2018

Killing Kittens @ Badass Women’s Hour on TalkRadio

Be inspired - with Emma Sayle founder of Killing Kittens. Badass Women's Hour on TalkRadio

Fubar Radio Interview

Fubar Radio Calum Mcswiggan talks to Emma Sayle about Killing Kittens

Talkradio Dr Pam Spurr Show

Talkradio Dr Pam Spurr talks with Emma Sayle about Killing Kittens

ITV This Morning

Emma sits down with Holly and Phillip to discuss all things Killing Kittens

My Dad wrote a Porno

Emma tells the gang what really goes on behind closed doors at sex parties

The Insider, USA

An interview with Emma covering KK and her relationship with Kate Middleton

My Robot wrote a Porno

Emma sits on the panel to discuss sextech with sexperts, scientists and comedians!

London Real

A video podcast with Emma to discuss what makes KK tick and how it all began

Fubar Radio

The Friday social on Fubar Radio featuring Emma Sayle of Killing Kittens

The Grill Team on Triple M

Gus, MG, Matty Johns and Pagey talk sex parties in this hilarious interview with Emma

Michael Smercornish

Michael says ‘Yes, That NYC “Elite Sex Party” Was Real’ on Sirius XM

Ulster Radio 105.8

Frank Mitchell Phone-in with Emma Sayle to talk about Killing Kittens


For those Hamptonites looking to kick off summer with a bang-ugh, sorry-look n...

The New Establishment

On Friday October 13th I attended a Killing Kittens party. For those of you unfamiliar

New York Post

A gorgeous brunette is slowly undressing me. I can’t remember her name, but her...

Marie Claire (Print)

The best and brightest women of Britain’s capital city – the driven, individuals...


The candleight flickers off the marble floors and finery of the beautiful English country