Our Parties

In the relentless pursuit of female pleasure, Killing Kittens creates an electrically-charged environment where girls and couples can explore their sexuality in a daring yet safe and controlled way in New York penthouses, St. Tropez super-yachts and über-exclusive luxury locations the world over.


Kurious Kittens

Killing Kittens sibling. Sexy fun events for KK members to attend with their clothes ON. No below the waist bumping or nudity. Networking for new and existing KK members. Kurious Kittens is exactly what the name suggests. For those nights when you kind of want to just do it… But not really. Live burlesque shows and entertainment. Our PG branch of female sexual liberation.

KK Hedonism

Hedonism is the doctrine that pleasure is the highest good. It’s the devotion to pleasure as a way of life. Our Hedonism parties are exactly that. Think nakedness. Lots of nakedness. Think hot tubs and pools. Think decadent, raw physicality with beautiful people in a beautiful setting.

Our Hedonism parties are for KK Club members only. Everyone is masked and we live by a strict set of rules – girls make the rules and only girls can break the rules and only girls do the approaching. There’s no pressure but the atmosphere is so electrically-charged, you will be too.

KK Penthouse Parties – KK Club and Silver Kittens Members

Not the magazine, but the location….Since KK is at the very top, our parties have to be at the very top. Richard Gere rented the penthouse because it was the best. We hire penthouses at the very best five-star hotels, boutique hotels and apartments around the world for your pleasure.

For KK Club members only, they can take themselves away from the busting, unaware city below and indulge their wildest fantasies with the world’s sexual elite while drinking Champagne and eating (or feeding each other) oysters and dressed to impress. Cocktail dresses and a vivid imagination are a must.

Singles Night

Come and meet your match at a singles party like no other.  A night exclusively for our single kittens to mingle and play.  Hosted at central London venues.  Guest list is strictly monitored to ensure a good girl to guy ratio…our kittens remain strictly in control.

KK Country House

Every two months, we hold our world-famous Country House parties. Open to KK Club and Silver Kittens members only, they are the largest and most raucous parties in our calendar. Imagine a lavish country mansion or even a thousand year-old castle where you can party hard until the sun comes up.

We indulge you with Champagne, food, gorgeous girls and dancing till dawn and you can fulfil your wildest fantasies in an incredible location, far from prying eyes. Cocktail dresses and shameless decadence are a must…

KK Cabaret

The UKs best and most hedonistic sex parties have teamed up with the UKs best burlesque and cabaret night once a month for an indulgent night of stunning cabaret, a three-course dinner and flowing cocktails to get you in the mood for a full-on KK party!

All under one sexually-charged roof and open to KK Club and Silver Kittens members only, the dress code as you can imagine is sophisticated glamour with the merest hint of outrageousness. It is KK after all! The food is delicious, as will the rest of your night be…

Silver Kittens

People don’t stop having sex, wanting sex or liking sex as they hit 45. Silver Kittens is for older and wiser kittens who are looking to expand their horizons and be part of the world’s sexual elite. Single women and couples (only one half of the couple needs to be 45 or over) and all prospective members are subject to the same vetting procedures.

All usual KK party rules apply – the masks, the sexual energy and the desire to party with like-minded people. Remember, girls still make the rules and only girls can break the rules…