The Sankktuary is a place for you to explore yourselves and each other, discover new paths to pleasure while relaxing and detoxifying your body, energise your spirits and stimulate your minds.  Our retreats offer relaxation, yoga, workshops, massage, tantra and of course the usual bacchanalian delights of a Killing Kittens party.  Hosted at boutique retreats in beautiful surroundings join us for a weekend of wellness, conscious sexuality and pleasures.


Killing Kittens has joined forces with leaders, educators and free thinkers to educate open-minded women about the world of sex, hedonism and exploration. Topics vary from female biology and orgasms to bondage, mindfulness and meditation. Specialists relative to each subject start the evening with a combination of talks, presentations and exercises which generally lead to further exploration through open discussion.

Our girls only BooKKlub nights are the perfect way to connect with other smart, like minded women looking to awaken and liberate their senses, sex lives and freedom of thought.

Hosted the first Wednesday or Thursday of each month at a selection of luxury boutiques and penthouse locations in central London. Welcome drinks and nibbles included. Group sizes are generally small to ensure the highest level of attention and intimacy.


Our equivalent of the girls only BooKKlub but for men. Where real men come and discuss man stuff. Featuring expert speakers from dating experts, self esteem psychologists to massage professionals or just a good old fashioned whiskey tasting night. Held on a week night every other month in private rooms of various manly drinking establishments.


WorKKshops – The practice of pleasure.

Killing Kittens have created a bespoke series of workshops designed exclusively for Killing Kittens members.

We will be sharing and guiding you in sexual wisdom practices from around the world, from ancient Tantric and Taoist secrets to cutting edge neurobiology and endocrinology. We’ll be covering a range of skills and techniques, from sensual massage and self-pleasure to conscious BDSM, from erotic mindfulness to expanded orgasms. Learn how to supercharge your intimate relationships, explore and explode your erotic landscape, and relax into the bliss behind all things.

There are only up to 10 couples, single women or single men per training to ensure the highest level of attention and intimacy.

At the workshop each couple/person will practice on their own futon, which creates a personal boundary. No one else enters this space without your permission. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing & bring a towel each. Most workshops involve nudity and intimate touch.

Hosted at a central London location. Attendance at one of these workshops is a way into the SanKKtuary evening play parties.