12 Positions of Kristmas!

As ever at Killing Kittens we like to keep things fresh. We like to push the boundaries, expose our members to a few saucy new concepts that we stumble across every so often. We know life isn’t as it should be right now. We know there is a lot less nakedness than there should be right now. So to warm you up for what will be the year that KK returns with one hell of a bang, we’re bringing you some positions to try courtesy of The Kama Sutra Book by Malika Favre. 

Get your knickers off, pull your pants down, and get practicing. For 2021 is our year Kittens and Toms. It’s the year that physicality returns, hugs become sexy and juices will flow in all directions. 

We’ve chosen 12 of our favourite letters and provided a few tips and tricks on how we think these moves should be played. The descriptions are geared around who is in the image but can be adapted subject to who you are playing with.

Good luck!

If you feel the need to share images of yourselves replicating these positions then we’d be delighted!

A is for Arse. And that’s one heck of a pair of arses. We’re starting you off with an easy one with this position. Kittens, shimmy your sassy arses around a bit, give them a little shake. Take a peek over your shoulder and invite your Tom to take you from behind. Allow him to slip himself into you as your bodies come together. Arch your back for maximum penetration. The angle will enable your Tom to go in deeper and harder. If you can lift your legs like that then congratulations, personally we feel this isn’t necessary so don’t give yourself a ‘fail’ if your legs happen to be rest on the bed. Toms, it’s all about the thrust. Thrust deep and hard. Again, if you don’t want to lift your legs up like that then leave them on the bed for maximum thrust power. Nobody likes leg cramps in the heat of the moment. 

D is for Defying. Defying the laws of gravity. Possibly even ‘delicious’ as it looks like you Kittens are going to have a little snack from your Tom’s fingers? Right, where to begin. Let’s get our Toms into position. Kneel like a God. Thump your fists on your chests and channel your inner Adonis. You are sure as heck going to need the strength of a God for this maneouvre. Now assume the position. Kittens, you’re up next. This is all about remembering your headstand skills. Nail that headstand and then allow your Tom to secure your legs against his beating chest. Then shimmy your head in between his legs and have a little nibble of his fingers. You’ve absolutely earned a snack. How does penetration happen? Absolutely no idea, see what bit ends up touching which hole and go from there. 

G is for Guys. We love our guys! Toms, as ever we salute you for entering our realm. We applaud you for respecting our Kittens. We thank you for savouring our bodies. So this one is for you. We’re going to imagine where the legs might be to help you along with this one. Tom number 1 sit back with your legs out in front of you and raise your mighty hand. The hand that is about to grab your partner’s hair as he arches back towards you. Tom 2 assume the position of a graceful swan and glide gracefully towards your partner with your back to him. As he enters you from behind arch your back for the deepest penetration. Don’t forget the finger nibble if he gets hungry.

H is for Horny. Who doesn’t get horny at the idea of being licked whilst lying seductively on top of your Tom? The risk of breaking bones or pulling muscles during this move is relatively low. Yet the intense orgasm factor is high for our Kittens. Toms, you can rest your weary Adonis muscles and have a lie-down. Fling your legs open, it’s good for flexibility. Kittens, shimmy your sexy bodies on top of your Tom. Grab onto his sides for balance. Without kicking him in the face, open your legs, and slide yourself towards his face until his tongue meets your clit. Then enjoy the intense feelings that run through your body as his tongue runs over your lips from base to top. One top tip – try not to break wind. 

J is for Jingle. Jingley bits and what looks like the Christmas mistletoe our Kittens are going to be holding. Focus is again on some clit action here as our Toms lie down and bury themselves between parted lips. If you possess the ability to multitask then have a little fiddle with your partner’s nipples. Don’t misjudge how hard though, she might smother you with her vagina. Kittens, you’re dangling something up there. Forget the mistletoe, he’s already kissing your bits. Get creative and dangle something mischievous and delicious. 

K is for Kinky. Kinky Killing Kittens members in their plenty attempting gravity-defying, nerve-tingling, ‘do try this at home’ sexual positions. Whether you’re a yoga devotee or not, channel your inner bendy person for this one. Toms, assume the position, get on your knees with erect penis ready and waiting for the sun salutation to begin. Your role is that of supporter and insertion guide. Guide your Kitten’s body until there’s a meeting of parts. Lose your balance and you’re in all sorts of trouble. Kittens, all we have to say on this one is ‘may the force be with you’. 

M is for Mind-Blowing. Mind-blowingly awesome sex. Mind-blowingly awesome KK members who we are forever grateful for your unwavering support. Mind-blowingly awesome KK parties which we cannot wait to resume. Mind-blowingly awesome if we see this image re-enacted at a KK party. So Kittens, arch those backs, recall your gymnastics memories of performing a bridge (we’ve chosen not to call it its other name ‘crab’ for obvious reasons), and hold steady. Toms, reach over without knocking down the bridge, take hold of a breast firmly in your hand and whilst caressing it, part her lips and run your tongue from base to top over and over. The challenge we’ve set you – maintain the bridge all the way through to the climax.

Q is for Queef. Otherwise known as a fanny fart, muff-guff, front-botty-burp. It might be taboo to talk about it, it might be an uncomfortable moment in the height of passion but we’ve all done it, and is really that big a deal? Let’s remove the possibility of a queef and focus on the bum. Does anyone fancy a little bit of rimming? However you want to play this one, whatever you want to do with your arms, you’re getting your anus licked out. If that’s something that doesn’t get your juices flowing, move onto the next letter. For you anus devotees out there, go to town, have a back door boogie, and relish in discovering all of the 28 nerves found in the rectum. That’s one hell of an orgasm if you manage to stimulate just a few of those 28. 

S is for Sucking. There’s a whole lot of sucking going on here and we love it. The strength needed from both parties is mind-blowing for this one. If you both come away from this unscathed without bite marks on your clit or teeth indents on your cock then we salute you. Toms, kneel before your Kitten, erection in place. Kittens, there’s a handstand going on here. Having analysed multiple options for aligning yourself with your Tom we’re going with ‘over the top’. Launch yourself over his right shoulder and allow your partner to guide you down whilst supporting your body as you propel forwards towards his cock. Be careful not to poke your eye out on the way down. When you’re both in position then get sucking.

V is for Victorious. If you’ve read this far and already tried any of our positions without causing injury or harm then consider that a massive victory. We’re letting you off the gymnastics with this one. It is simply good old cunnilingus. Lie back, arch your back, flip those legs in the air, and allow your partner to eat to their heart’s content. 

X is for ‘X’. Our incredible members who do not exclusively identify as either male or female. Incredible in their life approach, feelings, beliefs, and in their ability to be patient with educating us. We see this position as a celebration of 2 bodies coming together whilst mutually pleasing themselves. The eyes connect, the bodies connect but the play is solo and self-satisfying. Revel in your own sexual exploration, take yourself to the highest of heights and whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ear as you both reach your own explosive climax. 

Y is for YES. The loudest of yes’s when your bodies are entwined, your hands, lips, tongues have explored every inch of each others’ bodies and you’ve bought each other to the ultimate climactic moment. As your heart rate quickens, your body is truly connected to your partner and you know you are reaching the explosive moment, scream yes. Shout it loudly, who cares how loudly. It’s sex! We say all this but how you’re supposed to remain balanced and connected with both sets of legs up like this we have no idea. Give it a try. Answers on a postcard!


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