Emma’s Instagrammer of the month: Creepyyeha

When does a girl look her best? When she’s owning her look, says New Yorker Lisa ‘Yeha’ Leung, the creator of the fetish, feminine and fierce Creepyyeha underwear line preferred by Rihanna and FKA Twigs.

Her custom-made pieces are a wild mix of real and faux leather, sometimes lavender-hued other times pink, clear vinyl, apricot jelly vinyl (beats us too), and delicate pieces of gold.  Leung and her team will then cut, spin and sew these materials into garter belts, bras, cuffs, chokers and thigh straps for her 337,000 followers – her ‘babydolls’.

These statement pieces are sexy and seductive but, most importantly, they are the result of a girl who was brave enough to follow her dreams no matter how mad they seemed back then. You could say, she’s owning it.

Last seen: modelling a rather fancy diamond bra in front of a pink silk curtain.

Follow them: @creepyyeha 

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