Becoming Kitten and proud (part 2)

Sharing in peoples KK journeys is one of the highlights in our world. Part 1 told us of how Kitten M discovered the world of KK, and in part 2 we unravel further Kittens truths!

Embracing KK and Unravelling the Kittens Urban Dictionary!

 I’d found party playmate, but didn’t have any idea of the beautiful journey that I was about to begin.

 I originally met Alex on a regular dating app and went for a quick afternoon G&T with him to see if we clicked. He was attractive, quite posh and very quirky – he carried around a little note pad at all times to record his musings. We met in a grotty bar in East London. We didn’t connect romantically but I found him highly entertaining and hilarious. I suggested we be friends and we arranged to meet again a few days later for another afternoon drink. The night before we met for the second time, someone matched with me on tinder who told me in no uncertain terms he wanted to be my bitch boy (urban dictionary definition: A male who is a sissy or submissive that likes getting his ass fucked, usually by a dominant woman wearing a strap on). Now I had no experience of having bitch boys, but I thought this could be fun, especially from the safety of my iPhone, so spent the much of the night and following morning ordering this man around and generally being very mean to him. What are you going to do when you see me you dirty little spunk monkey? I’m going to wear spiked stilettoes and stamp on your balls so fucking hard you won’t be able to walk for weeks. He was loving every moment of it. So when it came to meeting Alex for the second time I was in full dominatrix mode and had to share with him the fun exchanges I’d been having the previous 24 hours. We spent the afternoon writing depraved messages to bitch boy who was, shall we say, a little more than excited by it all. It was then I knew Alex was a keeper. As a friend. Perhaps with benefits.

Friends with benefits

We started seeing each other occasionally as friends primarily, but the meeting always ended happily if you know what I mean. We shared similar outlooks on love and sex and it felt extremely liberating to be able to express myself sexually without any expectation or commitment. That was a completely new feeling for me, having been in relationships for pretty much my whole adult life. Being newly single with young kids, there’s only so much of me I felt I could give at that time. I needed to keep the love and emotional stuff for my kids, so making a friend I could fuck was the most ideal situation. We were both open-minded and I suddenly remembered Killing Kittens; the name had popped into my world over the years and I always loved the idea of going to one of the parties. It was something my ex and I discussed every so often, but we could never agree on the terms of what was and wasn’t allowed, so it never happened. It seemed to me we were in the perfect storm; Alex and I had no commitment to one another apart from friendship, were both open-minded and could help live out each other’s fantasies. What’s not to love? I mentioned KK to him and he was keen, so a plan was formed to attend a Mansion party two weeks later. We were both terrified we would meet other people and fall in love in the time between booking and attending the party. My naivety still reared its head from time to time.


The build-up to the party was intense; what would I wear, which shoes, suspenders or hold up?! What would happen when we got there? Would we be expected to get our kit off straight away? Would I want to have sex with strangers? Alex and I formed a very loose game plan; we would meet before for a sophisticated few drinks, ease ourselves into the party, observe, and then if the mood took us, participate. Alex and I both had fantasies we were hoping to live out should the evening go to plan.

The days leading up to the evening, I was so excited about the unknown and what lay ahead that I could barely sleep. I was in a constant state of arousal at the thought of this eyes-wide-shut-esque world we were about to enter.

We arrived at the grand house full of anticipation. What immediately struck me was how normal and approachable everyone was. We explored the different areas of the house and looked at the vast array of giant beds with absolute awe and trepidation. Would we be on these later?! After our initial walkthrough, we went and got ourselves a drink. Someone shouted out my name. It turned out to be a friend of a friend who was there with her husband. She was an IT specialist from Holloway. Most probably the last person I would expect to see at this type of thing. Anyway, seeing a familiar face was actually very comforting. It turned out her and her husband were regulars and whilst they never discussed the ins and outs of what they enjoyed, they definitely did enjoy. A lot. Alex and I had had a few drinks and ventured into the main room. The days leading up to the party Alex and I had had a few disagreements; the largest being where to go pre-party. As I mentioned, I wanted to start the evening off in a sexy bar where we could flirt outrageously and talk very dirty about what lay ahead, but Alex suggested meeting in a chain pub for a pint of lager. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. By the time we were at the party I knew my upcoming involvement was not going to be with him, so as soon as I felt he was getting the attention he needed from a beautiful blonde, I left him to his own devices.

Delicious debauchery

I was wandering around when I was approached by a super hot couple. I mean SUPER hot. They attended parties together as playmates but were just friends in the real world. They started talking to me about very normal things but there was a very naughty twinkle in their eye which I was lapping up. I was playing it innocently, and in hindsight I was. I was completely out of my comfort zone and loving every moment of it. They led me to one of the bedrooms where they sat either side of me on one of the huge beds and to put it bluntly, groomed me. In a good way. A really good way. We explored one another and I have to say it was the perfect introduction to Killing Kittens. I felt enthralled and liberated, yet very safe and secure. The rest of the evening was spent getting to know other party guests, in all senses, and generally letting my hair down in ways never done before. I certainly wasn’t going crazy, but I was comfortably easing myself into delicious debauchery. I had definitely earned my badge.

What I didn’t know at this point was this was just the start of my journey. The parties are icing on the cake, but the cake itself (the KK site) is pretty fucking tasty too. It’s like Tinder on crack. I didn’t realise I would soon be learning a new language of sensuality and sexuality, fetishes and fantasies, taught by the most interesting and open-minded group of people. The site opened up a world of things I didn’t really know existed and I made it my mission to try as much of it as I possibly could.