The Art of Kissing: A Guide To The Best Kissing Techniques

The kiss is an erotic communication; communication of our body, our heart, our whole being. If you want to learn more about kissing, read on!

A kiss can say and mean everything. We never forget our first kisses. Our mouths, breath and moans expressing the desire, the longing, the love we feel inside. 

We can lose ourselves in the taste, the smell, the sensations in our mouth, the feelings, each other and the moment. Through the kiss, we enter each other’s energy in a very intimate way. 

A kiss is a beautiful, sensual experience of connection itself, not having to lead on to anything else. An erotic and arousing journey of making love and ecstasy with our mouths.

How To Kiss: Kissing Tips

The kiss is always an exchange, a sensual play with lips and tongue – sometimes taking the lead, sometimes following and mirroring. We feel the energy that the other person is projecting; their intention, desires, openness. It is an expression of where they are in that moment. Tune into that. Being in sync shows connection, it shows we are in tune with each other.

I love it when a partner really feels me and where I am at, and reflects that in their kiss – whether it’s in a moment of intense passion and they deeply penetrate my mouth with their tongue, or if we are just getting to know each other and they take it slowly, waiting for me to open. 

The Importance Of Presence

Like all erotic arts, the secret lies in presence, as if nothing else in the world exists except that moment with your lover; their mouth, lips, tongue, breath. Presence creates intensity and pleasure. When we are present we can feel so much about each other and create deep intimacy through the first gentle touch of our lips pressed against theirs.

To truly melt the other one with your kiss, connect to your heart. Feel what is there: the warmth, the sensations, the emotions. Express this energy of your heart in the caresses of your mouth, your tongue and lips. Let your heart and your mouth merge into one. This is the secret of sensual, conscious kissing. It will take your kisses to the next level. Practice it on your hand. You want your mouth, lips and tongue to become the extension of your deepest feelings and desires. 

Easing Into Kissing

Take the time to look into you partner’s eyes, deeply. And let them look into you, through your eyes. Relax. Let your lips come closer, feel their breath on your mouth. Holding it, without touching, waiting for the right moment. Press your lips gently on theirs. Stay there for a moment and feel them. Meet each other in the intense silence. Let your energies start to merge. Touch your lips on their bottom lip. Again, holding it there and feeling them, connecting to them. Take it slowly, consciously. It is an intimate meeting. Tune into each other. Let go of any thoughts or inhibitions. Breathe in their breath and their desire.  

Use your body, press up against each other in different ways, pulling each other close. Use your hands gently, consciously, purposefully to awaken your partner’s desire. Caress their body, neck, hair. Changing the position of your head to mirror the angle of their mouth, or to penetrate deeper with your tongue. Always staying connected to where they are in that moment. 

The Kama Sutra, the ancient text of love and pleasure, describes thirty types of kisses. Here are just a few amazing kissing techniques you can try: 

Kissing Techniques

Ear/Earlobe Kiss: If the ear is kissed properly, this kiss can be very intense, arousing and even orgasmic. Use your tongue and lips to suck on the ear lobe, gently biting on different parts of the ear and penetrating the ear orifice with the tongue. Sigh into your partner’s ear, whisper words of affection and love. 

Smell Kiss: Lean into your partner and put your nose near their cheek, ear, or neck. Inhale their scent and their pheromones, deeply. 

Lick Kiss: A very sensual and erotic form of kiss. Make your tongue soft and sensually and erotically lick your partner’s tongue. 

Air Kiss: Before kissing or touching each other’s lips, bring your tongues or lips as close as possible, without touching, sensually and slowly playing and anticipating the kiss. 

Biting Kiss: The teeth are used to lightly grasp and gently pull the lips of your partner. 

Water Kiss: Take some water or other liquid in your mouth and slowly squirt it into your lover’s mouth during a kiss. 

Slow Motion Kiss: This will give you time to be more aware of each other’s lips and body; to smell, to taste, to feel, to awaken the desire. Slow and very sensual can be extremely exciting.

Talking Kiss: Kiss any part of the body or in any way, and speak sweet words to your lover at the same time.

No Lips Kiss: Lean in close, open your mouths slightly and touch tongues without touching lips.

Hand Kiss: Kiss and gently bite your partner’s hand, and the sensitive palm. Slide your tongue through their fingers, while looking with presence and affection into their eyes. 

Finger Kiss: Fingers have reflex points related to our body and organs. To slowly and sensually kiss or gently suck each finger separately can give very different feelings and a lot of pleasure.

Breath Kiss: In moments of intense lovemaking, with your mouths pressed together, exhale into your lover’s mouth. They inhale your breath, then exhale back and you inhale their breath. You can continue this cycle for a period of time, not needing to inhale through your nose. 

Recycling the breath in this way, this form of kiss will greatly deepen the intimacy between the two of you, helping you and your partner to connect at the Soul level. It can also help to control sexual energy. The tantric tradition describes that by consciously controlling the breath, you will bring the sexual energy and the mind under control. 

Like all the erotic arts, whether it’s oral lovemaking, tantric massage, caressing or foreplay, good kissing is an art form. Aim to connect to your body, desires, heart, eroticism and sensuality. Be a generous and empathic lover. Try to let go of inhibitions, to be open and vulnerable. Express your love, your desire and affection. 

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