Celebrating the Top 5 Most Common Fetishes!


January 18th is National Fetish Day, we have decided to celebrate by exploring the top 5 fetishes!

The word ‘fetish’ dates back to the 19th century and comes from the Italian ‘feitico’ (that sounds so much sexier!) which means “charm” or “spell”, and they have been working their magic ever since. Fetishes are one of those taboos that aren’t particularly taboo anymore. After a few drinks, or in the company of close friends, or perhaps just someone who is incredibly open, talking about things that turn them on isn’t particularly deemed as shocking anymore. But do common turn-ons count as a fetish? Not quite. Technically speaking, a sexual fetish is focused on an inanimate object (like a shoe), a body part (like a foot) or a medium (such as a particular material like silk or leather) that’s indispensable to a person’s arousal but doesn’t have any inherent sensuality. Someone who has a true, dedicated fetish won’t feel satisfied without the presence of their kink. And on January 18th there’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating it! People dressed in purple celebrate their individual fetishes – and it’s a cause for celebration indeed!

With the glorious world of fetishes in mind, let’s take a peek at the top five most common fetishes. Did yours make the cut? Whether you’re into whips and chains, alien masks or machinery, every fetish should be celebrated and embraced! Go you for finding the courage to embrace it and celebrate it!

Spot 5: Body Piercings

Personally, this one doesn’t surprise me. This is particularly appealing to people under the age of forty. Piercings that seem to drive the under 40’s crazy are in the lip, nipples, and genitals. The concept of finding piercings a turn on isn’t usually about the way they look – in fact, it’s the way they feel. It’s the stark contrast between soft and hard, the piercing adding another textural dimension to the experience, that seems to be appealing. Other physical alterations, such as tattoos are also highly fetish-able.

Spot 4: Hair

There is a reason women focus so much on their hair. The Herbal Essences advert seems to have tapped into that one (with all the sex noises coming from the bathroom as they lather up the shampoo). It is predominantly enjoyed by males (but not always) and can be exceptionally specific. While some enjoy long, blonde, Princess locks, bright red hair or short dark hair – each person has their preference.

And then you’ve got someone who has a hair fetish and loves to feel hair all over their body.

Women, too, have this fetish. They go crazy for facial hair and aren’t satisfied without the scratchiness that comes from a beard or moustache under the covers.

Spot 3: Leather

Leather has been a well known and celebrated fetish for a long time. There are entire clubs dedicated to it, and therefore it’s scored pretty highly on our list! People tend to associate leather with sex appeal – women in tight leather skirts or dresses are incredibly hot, and who can refuse a guy in a leather jacket (just ask Sandy from Grease!)?

Leather is often linked to sadomasochism, which makes it clearer as to why there’s a subtle animalistic nature linked to leather. The fact that we find fear appealing and can convert fear into a sexual experience makes it more evident that leather is a common fetish!

Spot 2: Shoes

Those stunning high heels you wear to make you feel ultra sexy? Yeah, they are a shoe fetishists dream. Now, to be clear, being obsessed with shoes and buying 5000 pairs does not mean you have a shoe fetish. It means you’re female. Having a shoe fetish means that you want your partner in nothing but those shoes. Typically embraced by men and usually obsessed with high heels, a shoe fetish is the most common inanimate object fetish. It’s a very precise fetish too. Just like hair, the shoe selection is vital. Things like the height of the heel, the pointiness of the toe – even the shaft length of the boot are all elements that are specific to the fetishist.

Spot 1: Feet

Unsurprisingly, feet rank number one on our most common fetish list! While not enjoyed by everyone, feet fetishists truly adore the shape of the foot as well as the toes, and find them irresistible. While no one is entirely sure as to why this fetish is so common, it could relate to the idea that the feet and the genitals are closely connected in brain circuity. If you have a fabulous fetish for feet, then embrace it! Everyone has their kink – and it’s clearly a lot more common than you may have thought!