Coregasms – Another Reason to Hit the Gym.

As always, KK are delighted to have our guest blogger Brooke Archer who is teaching us just how pleasurable exercise can be and chatting all things Coregasms!

At the end of last year, I did the foolish thing of making some New Year’s resolution. What were they? The usual – stop smoking, eat healthier and get back to the gym. And guess what? The latter two I have stuck to! Yay! Go me! Two outta three ain’t bad, right?

Well, two and a half. Because I have seriously cut down on the cigarettes too. But enough of that. In my quest to drop some pounds and get healthier, I experience something somewhat strange and exciting. And I’d like to share it with you.

pre-orgasmic state

A month or so ago I was running on the treadmill, sweating my butt off, listening to Bruno Mars when all of a sudden I started to feel a build-up of pleasure in the region on my stomach and between my legs. I know. Weird! I thought nothing of it and continued to workout, but the feeling didn’t go. It kept coming in waves. It was that feeling you get just before you orgasm. That pulse of pleasure that consumes and lingers in your veins. That pre-orgasmic state your body teases you with.

The sensation didn’t let up until I was on cooldown from my workout. After that, it kind of slipped to the back of my mind as the moment I finished I hit the shower and went back to work. It wasn’t until the next day when I jumped on the treadmill and it happened again that I thought I better look into it. I wasn’t sure if I was just a horny mess or if there was something going on with my body that wasn’t right… Even if it did feel good.

When I set about researching, my questions were instantly answered. And the conclusion was that I’d experience exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP). And to my amazement, this type of thing wasn’t uncommon. Women have reported this a lot. And not only EISP but ‘coregasms’ or EIO as well.

Did your forehead just crinkle in confusion?

Mine did too at the time. Let me explain. A coregasms is an exercise-induced orgasm (EIO). Scientifically there is no exact explanation for why this happens, but some theories suggest that physical activity dilates the blood vessels and stimulates brain chemicals such as serotonin and the obvious endorphins which are all associated with arousal, thus resulting in the right body conditions for climax. Others suggest that because people who do core-focused exercises report coregasms more than people who do other forms of exercise, it must be something to do with the deep abdominal and pelvic-floor muscles. But like I said, no one knows exactly what causes them, and there is still much debate on the subject.

Surveys suggest that core work will more likely bring coregasms on rather than other forms of physical activity. But I am living proof that all us track girls can achieve them too. Or at least EISP.

Specific workouts

There are also workouts out there specifically tailored to inducing coregasms should you wish to give it a go. Alternatively, if you aren’t that into working out or are physically unable to. You could always set the treadmill to a slow pace and slip a whisper quiet toy down the front of your knickers. Just an idea 😉

To date, I’m yet to achieve The Big ‘O’. But have no fear, I’m running my arse off Monday to Friday, and when and if I do get there, you’ll be the first to know. But as far as EISP goes, I can tell you from experience it is very much a real thing, which leads me to believe that so are coregasms.

And if that’s not motivation enough to hit the gym other than all those lycra wearing women and studs in their shorts… Well, I don’t know what is!

Brooke Archer is founder and owner of Modern Sex, an online sex blog where she talks about all things… you got it… sex. From her own sexual adventures to the weirdest sex trends, Brooke Archer covers it all.

As well as being a sex blogger she is also an erotic fiction author (under a different pseudonym) to many titles and has a large following and loyal fan base.

When she’s not at her computer working away on her latest blog post or naughty book, you can find her running around after her young family, reading, or practicing that now and then dormant hobby of hers, photography.


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Happy gyming naughty people!


Brooke Archer x