Emma Sayle on Radio 1’s Life Hacks Podcast

Founder of KK Emma Sayle chats all things sex parties and fetishes with Radio 1 and Life Hacks podcast!

The word is spreading.

We’re embracing a new movement.

Perceptions are evolving and we here at Killing Kittens are feeling the ground-breaking power of the KK ethos more than ever. 

This is proven by Emma Sayle’s recent attendance at Radio 1 where she chatted about fetishes and the universe of KK. 

Emma had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Katie Thistleton & Dr Radha onto Radio 1’s Life Hacks to discuss all things Killing Kittens and why it really is a Kittens’ world.

What is the Life Hacks podcast? 

Covering everything from grief to veganism, mental health to lockdown worries, Life Hacks is a podcast that really does it all. And with guest ranging from sex educator Alix Fox to Stormzy, there’s a Life Hacks episode that speaks to everyone!

In the episode featuring Emma one of our hosts, Katie, says that they’re talking about “things we wouldn’t usually talk about on a Sunday afternoon”. 

And talk, they did – about sex parties, fetishes, and how Killing Kittens came to be!

Catch the episode here.

Emma Sayle on Radio 1’s Life Hacks Podcast, Killing Kittens

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