Killing Kittens

Emma Sayle on Radio 1’s Life Hacks Podcast

founder of KK, Emma Sayle, chats all things sex parties and fetishes with Radio 1 and Life Hacks podcast!
by KK
9 May 2018

UPDATED: 24 Aug 2022


The word is spreading! We’re embracing a new movement, and perceptions are evolving. We at Killing Kittens are feeling the ground-breaking power of the KK ethos now more than ever, and with Emma Sayle’s recent attendance at Radio 1, where she chatted about fetishes and the universe of KK, it seems the KK ethos is resonating far and wide with many others, too.

 Emma had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Katie Thistleton & Dr Radha onto Radio 1’s Life Hacks to discuss all things Killing Kittens and why it really is a Kittens’ world.

What is the Life Hacks podcast? 

Covering everything from grief to veganism, mental health to lockdown worries, Life Hacks is a podcast that really does it all. And with guest ranging from sex educator Alix Fox to Stormzy, there’s a Life Hacks episode that speaks to everyone!

In the episode featuring Emma one of our hosts, Katie, says that they’re talking about “things we wouldn’t usually talk about on a Sunday afternoon”. 

And talk, they did – about sex parties, fetishes, and how Killing Kittens came to be!

Catch the episode here.