A KK Guide to Finding and Playing with the G-spot

Lots of us love to orgasm, and who can blame us? They can feel great, connect us to our bodies, and can even help us fall asleep and improve our skin health.

But achieving orgasm can be elusive – especially for people with vulvas – and reaching them through penetration adds another layer of difficulty, if not impossibility, for most.

Though it’s certainly easier for most people with vulvas to orgasm via clitoral stimulation that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve orgasm via vaginal or other means! One other area that is often spoken about when it comes to orgasms in people with vulvas is the G-Spot. 

What is a G-spot?

The G-spot was named by German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg (it’s actually called the Grafenberg spot) while he was studying the role of urethras in orgasms. 

The G-spot can be a magical part of a vagina that, when found, can lead to a massive, spine-tingling, toe-curling orgasm and even ejaculation, more commonly known as squirting

Where is the G-spot?

This spot the size of a five pence coin and is found just inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall. If stimulated or during arousal, it can double in size and with this stimulation comes an extra layer of sexual pleasure.

How do you find the G-spot? 

Lie back, relax and with your palm facing up, pop a finger (or your partner’s) inside your vagina. If you’re not so wet that you’re sliding on to your finger then we’d recommend you lube it up.  

Then gently ‘tickle’ your front vaginal wall. If  your finger is in the right place, it should feel slightly spongy. Concentrate on the sensation, experiment with direction and pressure. Keep gently tickling and/or press into the front vaginal wall. If it feels particularly god, chances are you’ve found the G-Spot! 

How do I stimulate the G-spot?

Still not hitting the G-spot manually? Don’t panic. You can always use a sex toy to elevate the experience. Some vibrators are designed to directly target the G-spot. They can also be used on the clitoris too, for a double-whammy of pleasure. 

 G-spot exploration is great for foreplay and building up sexual tension between you and your partner. Take them on a guided tour in and around the G-spot. Ask them to move their fingers around the outside of your vagina and your clitoris for a while and then, when you’re about to explode and the tension is sky high, guide them to the G-spot.

Some health experts suggest a regular G-spot massage can increase blood flow to the area, leading to heightened sexual desire long-term.

An Introduction To...Forced Orgasms & Edging Orgasms

Does a person with a penis have a G-spot?

Let’s talk about the prostate: a cheeky erogenous zone found in many people with penises. 

The prostate is located behind the penis inside the body, nestled in with its hundreds of tingly nerve endings. Despite the powerful pleasure that can come from it, it’s only the size of a walnut!

The only downside is that finding it, much like the G-spot, can be difficult. Research would suggest it responds particularly well to stimulation through the anus. Discuss this type of play beforehand with your partner/s to see if it is something they might be open to trying. 

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