How KK helped me find my soulmate

Whilst not a dating, can KK help me find my soulmate?

What makes KK so special is the members, the relationships that form be it friendships or more, each holds a special bond. This is the story of Kitten C, she shares how KK helped her to embrace her submissive side, and how she found her perfect Dom and soulmate in the process who also turned out to be her spanking soulmate.

I joined KK for the same reason many people do. I’d been in a long term, monogamous (monotonous) relationships since I was 17. Now in my mid-20s and finally single, I was eager to explore my sexuality. Like lots of kittens, part of this exploration was the desire to play with other women, but I also hoped it might give me the opportunity to explore my kinks.

I went to my first party, Hedonism, filled with excited anticipation. It was everything I’d hoped it would be…wet, wild and incredibly sexy. I connected with some gorgeous people there who invited me to attend the next Mansion party with them. This happened to be ‘House of KKink’, a kinky twist on the standard Mansion format. I hadn’t had much opportunity to explore kink and BDSM beyond a bit of light spanking and choking. I knew I craved more, I just needed to find the right person (or people!) to experience it with.


I joined the pre-party chat group, a really great way to get to know people before the party. The chat alone was eye-opening, and slightly intimidating. I thought I knew a reasonable amount about kink, but the people in this group were talking about things I’d never heard of before…e-stims and pinwheels, orgasm denial and Sybians…I kept having to quickly google things mentioned so I wouldn’t look like a total novice.

The day of the party came around quickly and I excitedly packed my outfit into my work bag. The fact that none of my colleagues would know about the underwear, leather harness and lead tucked under my desk only helped to build my anticipation and longing to get to the end of the day.

Party Time

Finally, it was party time. I arrived at the decadent venue after the party had started. I quickly tracked down my friends and wasted no time in stripping off my dress. I slipped into my harness, tightening the black leather straps around my neck and under my breasts. Wrapped in leather, I felt sexy and powerful. I clipped my lead into the collar of the harness. I was ready.

We spent a while exploring the venue…and each other. Later in the evening, we headed up to the top floor playroom. I perched on the edge of the sofa as my friends chatted. The end of my lead was clutched in my hand as I looked around, enjoying the atmosphere. I spotted him from across the room. We had met briefly earlier in the evening, and I recognised him from the pre-party chat – he’d been amongst the more knowledgeable Doms in the group. I knew I wanted him. I continued watching him, my eyes clearly conveying my desire, gently flicking the handle of my lead back and forth. He had noticed me too and gradually made his way across the room…to start talking to my friends. I waited patiently, still clutching my lead. Eventually, he turned his attention to me.

Missing an owner

‘Looks like you’re missing an Owner’, he said, the hint of a smile playing across his lips, and a dangerous glint of desire in his eyes.

‘I’ll gladly have you take me for a walk’, I replied, offering my lead to him.

He took it and pulled gently, forcing me to stand, before turning away from me and, looping the lead over his shoulder, walking towards the stairs and the downstairs playrooms. Though I barely knew this man – we hadn’t even kissed yet – this just seemed right. I was being led into the unknown, but I felt safe and, of course, very turned on.

We seemed to play for hours. He spanked me until my ass cheeks glowed with a red warmth, the heat of which remained with me through the evening. At one point he ran the pinwheel across my tender flesh. It made my body shiver with delight. I had never experienced chemistry like this with someone, especially someone I had only just met. All too soon the party ended, and we had to go our separate ways. The morning after I excitedly studied my lightly bruised ass in the mirror. His marks adorned my body. I already craved more…much more.

After the party

We had exchanged kik names and I slid straight into his DMs. We started discussing our kinks and fantasies, and it seemed we were exceptionally compatible, doubtless enhanced by the incredible chemistry we had. He was evidently more experienced in BDSM than I was, and I was thrilled to have finally met someone who was willing to lead me through my journey into kink. Early on we discussed our limits – hard limits, which we would never do, and soft limits, which we were apprehensive of but open to exploring. It surprised me how much I trusted him already. How deeply I wanted to submit to him.

He was attending the next Mansion party and suggested I come along. It was here he used his belt on me for the first time. I was on my hands and knees on the edge of the beds and he’d been spanking me with his powerful hands. Suddenly he stopped, ‘hang on’. He pulled his belt free from his trouser loops in a swift, well-practiced motion. He carefully folded it in half, and before I’d had time to process what was about to happen, swung it through the air with a CRACK that seemed to silence the whole playroom. I cried out in a beautiful mix of pain and gasping pleasure. It felt like every face in the room was turned towards us, watching in mix of curiosity and shock. He brought the belt back down on my ass; the stinging impact radiated warmth throughout my body, and caused my arms to crumple beneath me. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me upright, growling in my ear ‘be a Good Girl for me and stay still’. My desire to submit to him, my need to be a Good Girl for him, gave me the strength to push myself back up and arch my back, presenting myself for him. He told me to count to five. Five more times he swung the belt against my sensitive skin, and I counted each strikeout loud, somehow maintaining my posture. After the final strike, he gently wrapped his hand around my neck, pulling me back towards him. His lips brushed against my ear as he whispered, ‘Good Girl’

The future

This was just the start of our journey together. KK brought us together and gave me the confidence to explore and ask for things I had always wanted to try. I was submitting myself to him, my Sir and Owner. I finally felt safe and had a mutual trust and connection like no other. Choosing to hand over all control to him, I had never felt so empowered.

Our Dom/Sub relationship has continued to develop and grow. Our connection and the immense amount of trust needed in D/S relationships meant things quickly extended beyond the realms of BDSM and into something more conventional as well. We now live together and are continuing to explore and learn with each other. Through KK we not only found each other but have met so many amazing people along the way. I can’t wait to continue our story…with lots of happy endings along the way.





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