How to clean your sex toys

How to clean sex toys and why you should be doing it regularly. Everybody likes good clean sexy toys…

Most of us have a collection of adult toys, and we certainly have our favourites that we like to use over and over again. We love the service these beautiful toys provide. However, they need to be looked after as well as we look after our own body parts or they could end up harming us. So this blog shows us why we need to clean our toys and a simple guide to doing so.

All toys come with manufacturers instructions within the packaging, but we’ve all been there, where you’re in such a rush to seek personal enjoyment, the packaging is nowhere to be found, so here is a quick guide to cleaning your toys.

Understanding the variety of materials of which toys are made is crucial to keeping them clean and safe for use.


Motorized silicone or stainless steel

Wipe the toy clean using a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap, then rinse the cloth with clean water and wipe the toy again to remove soap residue. Dry completely before storing.

Unless clearly stated that it’s waterproof, never submerge a motorized toy in water.

Non-motorized silicone or stainless steel

For regular cleaning, you can use the same method described for cleaning motorized toys. If a deeper cleaning is required, non-motorized toys can be submerged in boiling water for 10 minutes or tossed in the dishwasher. Yup! If you go the dishwasher route, always place the toys on the top rack and run the cycle without soap.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning any toy.

These instructions are also the ones to use for less common materials used in non-motorized sex toys like glass, Pyrex, wood or stone.


Cyberskin the name of the material used to make Fleshlights, and you should know that it’s quite sensitive. When it comes to cleaning Cyberskin, remember to be careful with it, as the material can easily become abraded. Use a small amount of soap and warm water and dry gently with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the material.

Hard plastic, jelly rubber, elastomer or thermoplastic elastomer (TPR)

This category is the porous one, so as a reminder, even after cleaning they can still harbour bacteria and STDs. To clean them, wash them with mild soap and water, and dry well before storing.

Quick Tips

Be on the lookout for toy cleaners or toy wipes, which usually come in a small spray bottle, that you can just put in a drawer beside your bed, convenient, quick and easy. Baby or adult bathroom wipes can also be used as toy wipes, though Disinfecting Wipes should not be used. Generally speaking, a good rule to bear in mind when determining types of products to use is that you shouldn’t clean toys with anything you wouldn’t put in yourself. Makes sense right? Right!


Why do we need to Clean our sex Toys?

Cleaning your toys is an important part of overall sexual health. Just like anything inserted into your body over and over again, you want to make sure it’s safe and healthy. The two main concerns from not cleaning your toys are the risk of STI’s and general Hygiene.  STI’s aren’t just limited to intercourse or oral, they do in fact thrive on toys.

This is especially true if you share them with a partner, and especially especially true if you share them with non-exclusive partners. So this advice is not just for the single kittens among us. If you’re a person who shares sexual devices, keep in mind that certain materials are porous, which means that even after cleaning they can still transmit bacteria and STIs among the people using them. Porous materials are hard plastic, jelly rubber, elastomer or thermoplastic elastomer (TPR). Those are the ones that you should use with a condom if you plan to share them with a partner/s.

After using your toy, not cleaning the material thoroughly can result in bacterial or yeast infections, which if you are sharing your toy, you are also sharing your infections! Even HPV was shown to have been passed almost immediately, which can lead to cancer of the cervix, vulva, vagina, anus, and panic. Moreover, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and various other bacterial infections (think, serious itching) can be transferred through shared toys. Remember when sharing toys to get tested often, between partners, and during, since symptoms may not be visible or obvious.

Even if you are the only person who uses your toys, Cleaning them your is also just a good idea for general hygiene, you don’t want to be passing bacteria back into such a sensitive space, even if that bacteria is your own. Just like peeing after sex is a good idea, so is cleaning your toy. Make it a habit, instead of falling straight to sleep, spend a couple of minutes cleaning. You need to treat your body with the respect and love it deserves, treat your toy the same way.

Also, don’t cross-contaminate. Your anal plug shouldn’t be going anywhere near your vagina. Keep things separate for a happy ending.


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