How to feel sexy at a sexy party

You’ve joined KK, you’ve booked the party, and boom, the nerves have kicked in. What if I’m not sexy enough?

Well of course you are but here is a guide of how to feel sexy at a KK party! 

There are no rules on who or when should feel sexy. You don’t need to be a coco-de-mer model or Tom Hardy to rock your sexy attitude. Sexy comes from within, its an attitude, not born from how you look, but how you feel about yourself. Some people ooze sex appeal effortlessly, but if you’re not one of those, there are some little alterations to your routine that will mean everything you do becomes a whole lot more enjoyable, so here are some tips to help you.

Tip 1 – The trick to being sexy Is feeling sexy.

From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep you deserve to feel sexy at any given moment. Because after all, sexiness is a state of mind.

When we feel sexy, we are sexy, and you deserve to feel sexy no matter who you are or what you are doing. The best way to feel sexy is acknowledging and accepting yourself for who you are. And the best part of this is? It doesn’t matter what you look like. Regardless of your shape or size, the first step to feeling sexy is accepting what you look like and love yourself for it.

Instead of concentrating on those bits of you that make you feel insecure, focus on what you love most about yourself. Forget the body hang-ups, and embrace the body best bits! Most of us tend to focus on the things we are unhappy with the most, and this makes us feel worse overall about ourselves and our appearance. This ultimately shatters our self-confidence and makes us forget we have anything to offer. As an alternative to this, channel that wasted energy into a positive. Concentrate on the thing you love most, your eyes, your cleavage, your hair, whatever makes you feel good about yourself, and flaunt them!

Tip 2 – Self Love

Practice makes perfect. You have to practice self-love and acceptance every day. As soon as you have booked the party, every day leading up to it write a list of things you love about yourself, say mantras in the mirror, keep a journal. Whatever works best for you. Once you can accept yourself for who you are, then sexiness will come.

Tip 3 – Challenge yourself

A great way to spice up sex life is to challenge your comfort zone. Move away from the things you are comfortable with, leave your usual sexual routine and change it up. Of course, KK is the perfect way to do this!

Change up your wardrobe, treat yourself to something you don’t normally wear but always wanted to try. Buy some new makeup, get your hair done, a bit of self-pampering to make a new and improved version of yourself

Tip 4- take care of yourself

We can’t feel sexy if we don’t feel at our very best. It might sound like common sense, but most people tend to forget to look after themselves on a day to day basis. Life is busy, especially if you have a family to look after. So to feel sexy, you need to dedicate some time and energy into your own self-care. All of yourself, your mind, body, and soul. Sounds easier said than done, I know.

Statistics show that low self-image and low body-esteem is one of the leading causes of depression in women. A high majority of people tend to opt-out of important life activities and events when not feeling their best. And no one should opt-out of feeling sexy and partying just because they haven’t taken care of themselves.

Eating right and exercising is the best way to do this. Now I don’t mean go on a crazy crash diet or push yourself to exhaustion at the gym. I mean to be healthy and healthy isn’t a number on the scale. Remember feeling sexy doesn’t come from what dress size you are.

Sexy is not a shape, its an attitude

Self-care is about treating yourself right. Being healthy, getting enough sleep. Focusing your mind and energy on the positives and lowering stress. Take care of your body and mind, and you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to feel sexy.

Tip 5 – embrace the flirt

What better platform can you have than the KK site, group chats and pre-party chats to have a digital flirt with other members or even just with your own partner on the lead up to the party. A flirty message or a naughty photo share will increase your confidence and sex appeal.

At the party, the best way to instantly feel sexy is through your words, conversation and more importantly your body language. Flirting will instantly make you feel sexy.

Flirting doesn’t have to be hard work either. It can be fun and sexy. Playfully teasing and giving flirtatious compliments is always a good start if you aren’t feeling overly confident about-face to face flirting.

Tip 6 – You are your own sexy

The best way to keep your sexy is not to compare yourself to others. What is crazy sexy to one person, is not to another and the whole definition of sexy is different from person to person. So just OWN who YOU are, and what makes you sexy. Confidence is the sexiest asset you can have. The Tom next to you may have the most defined six-pack, but that’s not sexy to everyone and some may find for example deep brown eyes the sexiest thing in the world.

Every person is different, and every person is unique in their own way. The minute you realize and accept this the quicker you will begin to start feeling better about yourself letting your confidence and sexiness shine through. So stop comparing yourself to other people and embrace your sexy!

So, stop worrying about everyone else and their life and concentrate on you.

Be selfish; you come first.

You are unique, and your life has a different path to everyone else. No one can be you but you. So embrace yourself, and you’ll suddenly feel all the sexier for it. Even if you aren’t feeling overly confident about yourself, the best tip is to fake it till you make.

The rest will follow.

Tip 7 – personal hygiene & Pamper

Sounds obvious but very important. Most of us hopefully have a good personal hygiene routine but it’s always fun to mix things up a little bit. There’s no reason why washing and keeping clean and tidy shouldn’t at least be a little fun and enjoyable…

…especially when sex is involved.

A nice bath, a cool shower just before the party, lathering yourself in lush smelling products can instantly boost your mood. Feeling clean can do wonderful things to your attitude about yourself.

When you feel groomed and sparkly you’ll reflect on it how you act, feel and even move. Instantly making you feel sexier to those around you. When it comes to your intimate areas, keeping good personal hygiene is crucial. Groom your downstairs as you like, what makes you feel comfortable and sexy, be it a full wax, or full bush, it’s your area, have it how you want it.

Feeling clean and fresh will boost your self-esteem and your body confidence without much effort. Plus knowing you have good personal and intimate hygiene can also make feeling sexy a more enjoyable and pleasurable night for you and others.

Tip 8 – Dress & Underwear

Ladies, buy that dress, buy that lingerie that you’ve always wanted, wear it and feel like a million dollars, Guys, dress up, be your best dapper you, buy some new boxers, why not, could be your new lucky pants!

The better you feel, the sexier you will be.

Tip 9 – Go after your fantasies

It’s a kk party, a place to fulfil your deepest fantasies, so go with it, sexy is following those dreams and making them a reality, getting lost in the moment and getting exactly what you want!


So there you have it, our 9 steps to feeling sexy.

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