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In Conversation With…Love Layla Greeting Cards

Love Layla makes funny, sexy greeting cards and more - here we learn about where their great ideas come from
by KK
11 Dec 2017

UPDATED: 24 Aug 2022


When scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, sometimes you find a product that just makes you giggle out loud. One such company is Love Layla. With hilarious slogans and naughty designs, what Kitten wouldn’t want to get their hands on some Love Layla wrapping paper or Love Layla Christmas cards?

Love Layla design and print hilarious and cheeky greetings cards. Full of humour, laughter, and a lot of unreserved swearing, Love Layla cards bring out the giggles in everyone. Not only are they some of the cheekiest and naughtiest greetings cards on the market, but they’re beautifully made and really high quality – they create a card for every occasion.

We decided to find out a little more about Love Layla cards. Here we ask the people behind Love Layla a little more about where the idea came from, how it became a reality, and what we can expect in the future.

Tell us about yourselves and your Love Layla team!

We are a family run business that started back in October 2014, when my husband Jay and I set things up as a freelance graphic design company. Our business came to life from our dining room with a Valentine’s range in Jan 2015. There were 11 designs – all of which still exist today.

We’re now a team of six: me, Jay, my brother, his brother-in-law, my best mate, and a ‘newbie stranger’ – simply because we ran out of family and friends!

How did you come up with the name ‘Love Layla’?

Layla is our little whirlwind girl who will be 4-years-old in December. Love Layla is obviously named after our daughter, but it all started because I was made redundant as a graphic designer back in December 2013. If I hadn’t been laid off as I went on maternity leave, I would have never branched out as a freelance designer.

How did you get the inspiration for Love Layla cards?

The idea of the cards started because I had designed some LGBTQIA+ cards for a charity client. We branched out from the Love Layla Valentine’s cards to expand the collection, yet still keeping them witty and naughty.

How do you manage the work/life juggle?

We juggle our work/home life quite well, considering we’re a married couple with a young child. Layla is kept away from the office/warehouse so she doesn’t read the cards and see the designs!

Where do you find the inspiration for such original ideas for your products?

We do it as a team. We really push the team ethic throughout our business and chat regularly about new ideas, designs, and products. Everyone has a say in what we do, so we have to find time to sit down and talk through our ideas to get ready to launch a new range of cards.

What is the rudest card you have made?

The rudest product, in my opinion, that we sell is probably one of our Christmas cards: ‘I hope this won’t be the only bird you get to fist this Christmas.’

I think it’s the naughtiest card that we currently have available! However, Valentine’s Day is coming, and we have a cracking new range, by far the best we have created to date. We’re all super excited to launch them.

We’ve also just launched a range of wrapping paper that has been a long time coming. We love the designs. It was a very funny conversation between our team; one member is my big brother, and we had to decide if the cock design was big enough. That made us laugh like kids… is the dick big enough?

What separates your products from other risqué cards?

Our products are always carefully selected as we want to produce high-quality products, yet with detailing that really sells our brand as a quality product. It’s not just about humour and fun: we also want our products to be beautifully presented. It’s often a surprise to the recipient as they probably wouldn’t expect a beautifully foiled envelope to hold such a comical, rude card. Love Layla Valentine’s cards, wrapping paper, and Christmas cards are all stunningly created.

We work closely with suppliers to ensure the price is right and the quality is always there, too. Quality is just as important to us as the fun punch they pack.

Another area where we’re always on the ball is keeping in touch with trends of what will keep making people laugh. We work a lot with social media, which regularly stars Layla herself with her BFF, Twatcat. He has a little following of his own because he is that much of a twat, and we share anecdotes of his life.

We have a big following on Facebook, and we share on Instagram, Twitter, and now also on Tumblr. We keep our posts lively and regular to stay in touch with our customers. Our customers mean the worlds to us.

So, to find that card, wrapping paper, calendar or gift which is just that bit different, slightly risqué but still luxurious, Love Layla is the way forward!

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