Killing Kittens Irish Style

Killing Kittens is now global. At our unique parties around the world, you will always experience the same KK sexual atmosphere and extremely high standards, and although each has slightly different dynamics, all keep the ethos of KK at heart, sexual liberation, empowerment and that the Kittens are always the BOSS !

New York, Melbourne, Berlin, Madrid, all are super sexy, but as everyone knows, no one parties quite like the Irish! In this spirit, our latest review has come from a KK Couple from the Emerald Isle.

Tom D(38) and Kitten P(32) share with us their KK journey and the sexperience of the Dublin Parties.

Some years ago at the end of a long week, my wife and I sat down, with a glass of wine in hand, to watch a chat show on Irish TV. Normally we would both end up playing with our phones but this night there was a very intriguing guest, none other than Emma Sayle. I must be honest, before hearing her speak, neither of us had ever considered anything like a KK party or whether that world could have anything valuable to offer the intimate side of our relationship. Maybe our relationship hadn’t matured enough to admit it to each other but that night, out of curiosity, we signed up to Killing Kittens and thought no more of it.

Fast forward a couple of years; our sexual senses far more honed and clued in, we shared what fantasies we had and wanted to explore. Being an outdoors kinda couple we often took our fun outside exploring our exhibitionist side and with that we talked and thought more seriously about taking our relationship to an even deeper level. Then one night in August 2016 while checking my Email, I noticed one from Killing Kittens who were advertising a party near us, so before we could talk ourselves out of it we booked a ticket and the prep started!

Party night

Before we knew it we were standing in our hotel waiting for our taxi making sure we had our masks while trying to convince each other this was a good idea. The nerves were real, very real, but it was too exciting to turn back now. We had already discussed what we would like to do or not which is probably a more important consideration for couples.

We stepped out of the taxi with butterflies galore, donned our masks and with that, we entered. I won’t lie, what greeted us when we entered the lush venue was daunting. Our hosts were stunning!!! We thought that if the guests were as attractive that this will be one hell of a night!

We were lucky enough to have made friends with another couple beforehand through the KK forum who we met at the bar for a drink. To stress, this was our first ever event of any kind and we couldn’t believe our luck. The guests were attractive, the venue was almost purpose-built for what lay ahead and like all KK events, we began to mingle with a glass of fizz in hand. We really had no idea how these nights got going, did someone ring a bell and we all ran to a bedroom, did someone dim the lights?

Literally every person there was attractive but we didn’t know the party etiquette. As conversation and drinks flowed, people soon found out we were the newbies. We didn’t expect to be given so much sound advice from some more experienced KK goers on how best to approach the night which made us feel very relaxed and comfortable. A particular conversation ensued in an already sexually charged atmosphere which made things even more exciting! People asked us what our fantasies were – unsure of what to say, my wife (with a giggle) said she would like to explore her bi side.. to kiss another girl and her ultimate fantasy would be to make them cum!!!! Before we knew it one woman in our group, took her by the hand and asked my permission to kiss her. What kind of a man would say no to a tall, elegant and more importantly confident woman kissing his willing partner??? That set the tone for what was to follow. Our expectations, limits, and fantasies over the next few hours were blown out of the water.

Within minutes of being invited downstairs to one of the ‘play’ rooms, there were 6 people on a large bed in the middle of the room. Dimmed lights and lingerie-clad girls beckoned my partner onto the bed only to undress her while kissing every inch of her.

It’s still very surreal to think about it but at every point when things took a step further we looked at each other for support and permission, a nod and a smile were the same response we gave each other until we left that night.

Time got away from us and we realised we had spent maybe two and a half hours in that room. So intense was the fun when we all joined in, a mix of guys and girls pleasuring each other in a way we truly thought we would never see we our very own eyes. While KK is geared towards the female having the power to dictate how the night goes it by no means leaves the guys out. To have my beautiful wife pleasuring me, to then being joined by another two females, is you might think the stuff of fantasies, not so! This is KK after all and that was just one of many moments I often think about with a pleasant grin on my face.

Forfilling Fantasies

For us, as a couple, the defining moment was when the male half of a couple who we had been ‘playing’ with asked permission to make love to my wife. Within seconds of the question being asked, a female who to this day I have no idea who she was, asked my wife if she and I could fuck. With a smile and a nod permission was granted, no going back.

A lot of that night was a blur but while we both were simultaneously making love/fucking call it what you will, it was an exhilarating and sexually liberating moment for us as a couple. To lock eyes while we well.. some things are best left to one’s imagination but you get the idea! That scene ended soon after and the party moved on to a different room with new people and experiences. I won’t say that night was a game changer for us but make no mistake, the environment created by KK and the vetting in place suited us better than we could have known. I still wonder how the staff can sit back and just watch! That would be one hell of an after party!!

So here we sit in front of our laptop reminiscing about what was meant to be a one-time experience for us yet we have booked our fourth Irish KK party. The usual excitement and nerves have already kicked in. We have through the scene had a few invites to other non-KK events but politely declined. The standard of guest at KK and how the entire event is managed leaves us excited and free to enjoy those pre-party nerves that we feel only KK can give us without worrying about some negative aspects you might expect at other events.

This is our story of how KK made our relationship reach new peaks in the erotic playground or persona. Play your cards right and we just might cross paths or beds at a future event!

If you want to sexplore what our parties around the globe have to offer, please visit Killing Kittens.