A night of firsts at Kabaret

A Night Of Firsts At Kabaret

Kabaret has been one of Killing Kittens’ long-standing events and an absolutely fantastic night for so many reasons.

Kitten N penned the following review for us after her first KK event, Kabaret.

Being a 30-something-year-old single from the city can be hard. I had exhausted the standard dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder and wanted something more. I’m naturally quite shy, but with a wild sexual appetite, yet, sadly, with no one to share it.

Discovering Killing Kittens

During a drunken work night, a girlfriend told me about Killing Kittens, about a party she had been to, what she experienced and the people she had met. Somewhere where she held all the power as a woman and could have as much sex as she wanted. I knew I had to have a piece of that, so I joined up there and then and waited nervously, yet excited, for my verifications to come back.

Verifications approved and now part of the Kittens Association (how cool is that!), I was good to go. I started by joining the newbie’s chat group Kurious. I met the most amazing people, all as curious as myself.

We asked so many questions: Which party should we go to? What should we wear? What were the rules? What should we expect? All of our questions were soon answered, and it appeared that Kabaret sounded as though it would make my perfect first party.

I chose Kabaret because, as I said, I am shy, and it was explained as a night of pure fun—dinner, a show, then a club with a playroom if you wanted to use it. Though I knew I would want to, I did not know if I would be brave enough, so I thought at least I would have a great night. Also, many others from the Kurious chat decided to book—so safety in numbers, and I was not alone.

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Pre Party

I joined the Kabaret pre-party chat group with my fellow newbies, where we met even more members. There were veterans who had been to over ten parties; for others, like us, this was their first, and then there was everything and everyone in between.

The crowd was welcoming, extremely funny, flirtatious, and from the photos, extremely hot. Pre-drinks had been arranged, I had chosen my mask, lingerie, dress, and heels, and I was ready to go.

On the day of the party, the group exploded; everyone was so excited. I did not feel nervous—perhaps slightly apprehensive—but everyone had been so much fun, mostly, I was just excited—oh, and ridiculously horny.

I arrived at the pre-drinks alone and felt so nervous walking in, but I could see some familiar faces from the group and settled in immediately; they were every inch as hot as their photos. It was insane. A few of us had arranged to have dinner at Kabaret, so we drank up and headed to the venue.

Killing Kittens Kabaret

Arriving at Kabaret, I suddenly felt like a celebrity as I walked down the red carpet. Once inside, we all signed NDA’s, put on our masks, were given a glass of fizz and shown to our table.

It was surreal. It was just like being in a movie, but I could touch these people.

A stunning waitress came across and took our order as we all sat chatting and laughing. It all felt so normal, like old friends, but with an edge of sex, a glance here, a slight touch there—my body was tingling with excitement and anticipation.

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After the food had been served, eaten, and cleared away, the show was about to start, with Veronica Blacklace hosting the evening. She was funny, super sexy, and between her, the burlesque dancers, and the fire acts, we were all in the mood for fun.

While watching the seduction of the burlesque dancers during the show, the Tom I’d been chatting to was gently stroking my leg. Between the performance, the setting, the lead-up, it took all my restraint not to jump on him there and then. However, the Kitten who’d brought him was otherwise engaged with another single Kitten, so we all agreed that it was time to go and see what the playroom held.

Talk about an overload to the senses—the playroom was pure bliss; hands, bodies, and tongues, entwined in a beautiful dance. The four of us found a space, and all began to play.

It started with us all kissing, touching, and enjoying each other. Then, as matters progressed, and I found myself taking the Tom while the other two Kittens continued to play, teasing me throughout; my first experience of Kabaret sex.

It was the most intense I have ever felt.

At one point, the sensory overload all got a bit much, so I redressed, left the playroom, and headed to the bar. It felt just as though I was at a club again—totally relaxed. I mingled and chatted to a few more members, each with great party stories to tell, and even got a few numbers for possible future fun.

Before I knew it, it was time for this Cinderella to leave the ball. I said goodbye to each of my new friends and travelled home in a haze of exhaustion and lust.

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The next day, we all thanked each other for a lovely time on the Kurious group chat, and the flashbacks to the Kabaret club were crazy. It had been everything my new friends and Kittens wanted.

Part of me wondered if it had been a dream, but when I checked my KK account, I found that I really had had the most incredible experience. Kabaret was the perfect starting point for my KK journey.

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