KK Chats: A Single Kitten

Our worldwide Killing Kittens parties serve as a place for people to sexplore all their fantasies. As we are all different, we all search for something slightly different when it comes to the perfect sex party. Here, one single Kitten talks us through her journey to finding the KK party that met her needs. 

Our KK parties each hold distinct dynamics and atmospheres, and of course, the more you attend, the more your confidence grows and you learn what you want out of a party. You learn to just go for it, but with the added knowledge as to which party has the perfect dynamic for you.

At Killing Kittens, everyone apart from cis-gender men is welcome to identify as a Kitten. This includes cis-gender women, trans people of all genders, non-binary people, gender non-conforming people, gender expansive and gender fluid people, as just a few examples! The identity of Kitten (or Guest, for cis-gender men) does not need to be a part of our members’ identities beyond how they function for the purposes of our events. However, we know many Kittens for whom their Kitten identity has become an integral part of who they are, which we love.

Kitten R, single (24) shares her journey

Having been a member of Killing Kittens for a few years as a single Kitten, the anticipation had reached a breaking point and I finally made the decision to attend my first event: this Kitten was heading to The Summer Ball at the end of July 2017! Through the KK forums, I found another single Kitten with whom I bonded, and we decided to attend the party as Kittens together.

Reflecting upon the night, I found the atmosphere very sexual, liberal, exciting, but also a little tame for my liking. I left slightly disappointed as I hadn’t been able to play, so decided for the future couple based events it would be in my own best interest to go with a Guest.

I had heard great things about other KK events, so I chose to attend a Hedonism party with a partner in London. The venue was perfectly suited. An unassuming door on a quiet London street leads down to the depths of debauchery.

Night of the Hedonism party

Masks affixed, we descended underground, we were shown the lockers and changing areas. As the arches opened, they led to a large space, with a well-stocked bar. Plenty of fellow revelers were already sat sipping drinks, eyeing up each new Kitten and Guest entering.

We walked around to explore what the venue had to offer: spacious seating, bowls of treats (appropriately filled with condoms), larger play beds, a huge Jacuzzi, steam room, toilets, showers and a few smaller cubicles in the back for a more intimate time. There was also a mini tantra massage course on offer should we feel brave (next time!)

Having been advised masks needed to stay on until 11 pm, and that the venue was extremely hot, I had purposely brought a fan, lingerie to change into and swimwear. Having felt at my first KK event I had held back, I was determined to make the most of the time and event, so come 11 pm we were the first to plunge into the jacuzzi, having encouraged those around us to join.

The event heated up, the jacuzzi filling with scantily clad bodies, clothes, hands, and lips wandering. We eventually vacated the Jacuzzi and dried off. I donned my lingerie and managed to grab a play bed with my partner. 

Because of how open the venue was, the atmosphere was unlike anything I could describe, intense, sexually charged. The scene in the jacuzzi had our eyes transfixed, our hands exploring each other as we watched four individuals in a chain of various sexual acts.

Using our surroundings as stimulation to let any inhibitions go, we quickly found ourselves caught up in the moment, snippets of normal conversations flowing around us, aware of eyes burning into our naked bodies, everything melting away in those intimate moments.

We played on and off throughout the night, talking to others, some new to the scene, some veterans. As some of the beds backed onto alcoves with seating, there was a surreal moment when I was riding my partner, facing three women who were casually kissing and chatting. My moans of pleasure halted their conversation, and they offered some words of encouragement. I even got a quick high five from one Kitten who said to my partner was very lucky!

Grinning like Cheshire Cats, well Kittens!

As the night drew to a close, exhausted, but grinning like Cheshire cats, we redressed and made our way home. The atmosphere was so accepting. Whether you chose to play exclusively, watch others, or perhaps play with multiple people, it was an experience unlike any other.

Each event can be so unique. With the right venue, atmosphere, chemistry, and a touch of serendipity, your wildest fantasies can unfold. As I approach my third Killing Kittens event, I’ve found that keeping an open mind, with no defined expectations from the night, ensures you savor each moment, with any fun being a pleasant bonus.

Thanks so much to Kitten R for sharing her stories with us! As the old saying goes, if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. With so many Killing Kittens parties and events to choose from, you will surely find your perfect party. Make sure you let us know when you do!

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