KK parties, a glorious assault on the senses!

What is a KK Party? What goes on inside the world of Killing Kittens?!

For those who are still contemplating delving that foot deeper into the world of Killing Kittens, I implore you to read the following first party review from Kitten S (27).

What is the meaning of an assault on the senses?!

Almost everyone has the same thoughts as a KK newbie, insecurities and anxieties over their first party, and almost everyone realises that these feelings are totally unjust the minute they walk through the door. With the unique supercharged atmosphere inside all our parties,  your worries just fade away. The most challenging part is finding the courage to book and waiting!

I was introduced to this amazing new world by a lover who had discovered KK a few years earlier, but had never found a Kitten keen to share the experience with him…. enter moi! Three days later much to his surprise, amusement and delight-I had signed us up! I have to say, the nervous excitement that followed while we waited for our account to be approved was intense! Black Friday came around and up pops KK in my inbox- we were approved and it was too much to resist. Before we knew it we had booked the Pre-New Year Kabaret party and I was having full-blown panics about my outfit!

What happens Pre a KK Party?

During the lead up to the party my emotions were cartwheeling between nervously nauseous, completely impassive, right the way through to so excited that I was sporting a huge goofy grin- A grin that only seemed to spread across my face while on public transport! And then the cycle would start right back up again!

Call me crazy, but you should know (and may have realised by now) that I’m the kinda gal who, when confronted with the unknown, will research the shit out of it! So following this trend, I scrolled the KK website looking for blogs…articles, anything that would calm my nerves. Thankfully, I stumbled across the Kik groups. They really were my saving grace. I swiftly got added to the Pre-party group chat and discovered a wonderfully filthy world that certainly got my heart racing! #mondaymotivation will never quite have the same meaning! BUT, more importantly, for a nervous newbie,

I had discovered a group of wonderfully kind, supportive, like-minded people who calmed my nerves in an instant and answered even the most ridiculous of questions, all without judgement!

It was also an amazing place to collect KK worldly advice, from those wonderful, welcoming kittens, of which I am proud to say I am now one!  

The best advice from one Kitten to Another…

 Dress to Kill

Wear your knickers around your wrist

Shoes that slip off

Stay hydrated

 ‘What’s the worst that can happen… you’ll have a few drinks and watch a room full of beautiful people have amazing sex!’

 And never forget you are in control… Kittens rule!

The Party

The party was a blast, all my nerves completely unfounded and melted away within seconds of arriving, only to be replaced a huge goofy grin that spread across my face which didn’t leave until well into the following day! Once we got used to the sea of beautiful bodies entwined in all positions (which becomes normal really fast) We were flying!

I can honestly say KK has changed my life. It has been so liberating discovering amazing like-minded people! And a place to let loose. (I swear you cannot look at anyone in the same way after discovering KK!) Even my pre-existing friendships are so much stronger and richer since I’ve shared KK with them, there is now literally NOTHING we don’t discuss!

Nowadays I approach each party with excited butterflies…. my main problem is stopping myself from booking every single party and buying new lingerie constantly! It’s a whole new world and Kittens certainly rule it!