Lelo Luna Beads: The Lowdown

When LELO invited me to try out their seriously sexy LUNA Beads Noir, I jumped at the opportunity. If past experiences with other of the Swedish brand’s award-winning sex-cessories were anything to go by, I was in for a treat. Reader, I was not disappointed.

Editor’s Note: Though endorsed as a shop by the author, the LELO site contains language around bodies and experiences that is limited in how it addresses gender beyond binary conceptions. We would like to inform our intersex, trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive readers in advance of visiting the site.

What are LELO Luna Beads?

Sometimes called Ben Wa balls, kegel balls, or love balls, these satisfying spheres have two main functions. First, they are an excellent exerciser for those all-important pelvic floor muscles. But quite aside from helping tighten and tone, Ben Wa balls also offer serious pleasure potential.

There’s the undeniable thrill factor of wearing them. Discreetly hidden inside, they’re the ultimate sexy little secret. Many designs, LELO’s included, contain an inner weight that rolls freely around inside the structure as the wearer moves. The sensation feels much like waves or vibrations and is impossible to ignore: the vaginal muscles continually contract and relax around the balls, responding to their movement. The result? A constant state of feeling super turned-on.

At 37 grams a pop, Luna Beads Noir make for a satisfying presence inside the body. Size-wise, they’re a modest 29 millimeters in diameter – in other words, not intimidatingly large, but big enough to stay put. Incidentally, the brand also offers a slightly larger version by way of its Luna Beads Classic, particularly recommended for older people, or those who have given birth vaginally.

Up Close & Obscene with LELO SORAYA

The pack contains two beads, as well a soft silicone harness for the beads. I started slow with a single ball, before graduating to the pair. Although easy to insert, I strongly recommend applying a dab of lube to the ball for a more comfortable experience. Doesn’t lube just make everything better?!

How do you use LELO beads? Do Luna beads come with instructions?!

Lie down, relax, and with clean fingers, gently insert the ball one to two centimeters inside the vagina, pushing slightly up toward your belly button. The retrieval loop should be just outside the body – much like a tampon string.

Do NOT put these in the anus, as you might lose them, resulting in an avoidable trip to A&E.

What happens next is entirely up to you! Me, I took my blushes and my beads on a particularly thrilling walk to my local park. With every step, I could feel the balls shimmy and shake inside of me. And while they didn’t make me climax (now that would have taken some explaining!) they felt deeply arousing to wear. Because sharing is caring, I texted my boyfriend my findings; let’s just say that on returning home after our date that evening, we were both just about ready to explode!

It’s rare to find something this pleasurable that’s also good for you, but Ben Wa balls are exactly that. As well as those aforementioned thrills, they also work to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are found in all bodies (not just in people with vulvas) and consist of a hammock-like structure supporting the abdominal organs: bladder, bowel, and uterus.

How To Make A Woman Squirt

A strong pelvic floor can help prevent some of the more distressing side effects of milestones like childbirth and menopause, including incontinence. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can also make for more intense orgasms.

So there you have it: Luna Beads Noir , the deliciously sensual reason behind the recent and undeniable spring in my step.

Worn on a date, at a business meeting, or just out on a stroll, these beauties are an alluring accessory for arousal, for health – and for the promise of heightened orgasms to come!

Thanks to our Kitten for this review!

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