It Takes Two for TIANI 2

At KK our Kittens always come first, but that doesn’t mean we never spare a thought for our super sexy Toms. With this in mind our friends at LELO, have reviewed the LELO TIANI 2, a toy for you to both enjoy…

When it comes to my favourite toys, I’ve always felt a bit…selfish, I guess. I know, I am not a child anymore, and should be able to share – and play – with others, but it took a special toy recently to teach me that sharing can be as much fun as solo play.

By now most of you are familiar with LELO and their exquisite line of luxury “massagers” (as they like to call them). Many of these are meant for girls, some are designed for boys, and some, and this is the scary/sharing part, some are made to be used by couples. So I decided to give one of these a go and got a LELO TIANI 2 couples’ massager for my boyfriend and me. OK, for ME and my boyfriend.


Based on everything I read, TIANI 2 is anything but simple. I consider myself quite experienced when it comes to sex toys in all their shapes and sizes, but even I was taken aback by the whole new wave of “smart” toys TIANI 2 belongs to. Sometimes they feel a bit geeky, or a bit futuristic, or even unnecessary or unnecessarily complicated. Sure I want some control, say, to make vibrations go up or down a notch. But do I really need the Bluetooth connection or voice activation? “Do me, Alexa?”

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TIANI2 sextoy for couples unboxedAnyway, TIANI 2 turned out to be both not that complex, and not that silly, but it sure took some time getting used to. But first things first: with LELO being famous for their design, opening the box was an experience in and of itself. Everything was so well put together, so perfectly packaged, that, opening the box, you understood exactly why these toys are in a league of their own.

What you notice right away is the familiar, asymmetrical C-shaped massager itself, of course, with its companion remote, a small disc-shaped unit with its 2 AAA batteries (included in the package). Then there’s a satin drawstring storage pouch, user manual, wall plug… The whole shabang.

JUST DO IT – How to use Lelo TIANI2

So I went for it right away, that very afternoon. First on my own, impatiently. I charged the C part, slipped into something more comfortable and slipped the thinner C arm right in (the C is asymmetrical; its stronger “arm” has a motor inside, the other end does not). Now, both the C and the remote control are made from the high-quality silicone LELO  uses in all of their products. It feels pleasant. Luxurious, soft and velvety. But you might want to use some water-based lubricant for comfort reasons.

I was actually blown away by TIANI 2’s power and how quiet it really is. The vibrations feel strongest in the vibrating end, where the motor is. Obviously. When you wear TIANI 2 inside you, the “passive” silicone end is inside your vagina, curved and designed to stimulate the G-spot. (Well, this works and it doesn’t. I think I needed a bit more pressure there.) The vibrating, thicker end remains outside the body, sitting on and stimulating the clitoris. And that worked fine. (Blush.)

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Everything you get with TIANI2


And so the time came to test TIANI 2 with my boyfriend. Once again I inserted the “passive” end. This kept the C firmly in position during sex. However, I think the passive end could use a motor of its own; I would love it to vibrate as well. I was feeling the vibrations well against my clitoris, but not so much inside me, especially once my boyfriend went in. He applied some lube, so he felt no real drag from the silicone, which was a relief. We tried several positions and although I heard some people liking the missionary position best, we both preferred the doggy style for some reason. It just felt right. The time came to check out the remote control action.

First of all, the remote disc also vibrates and can be used any way you can think of. We tried both options: me in control, then him (which was more fun for the spoiled me). Anyway, there are three control modes you can choose from. When in control mode #1, holding the disc flat produces very low vibration on both the disc and the C.

Turning the disc vertically produces gradually more and more intensity. In control mode #2, you have to shake the disc up and down to get the C to vibrate. The faster you shake, the greater the vibration speed. Control mode #3 is the least exciting; it simply uses + and – for intensity, plus the button to switch the vibration. The remote vibrates in sync with the C, letting your partner know which function and at what speed the vibrator is working. And you can always get rid of it if becomes too much.

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To cut the long TIANI 2 review short: does it work? Yes, it does. Strangely enough, we ended up using it without the remote more often, simply because we were able to forget all about it. I found LELO  TIANI 2 exciting and challenging; sharing it meant letting go, losing control, having him dictate the rhythm, change it, try to find my favourite position and feel my favourite vibration mode, listening only to my moans, watching my body twisting with pleasure.

What it comes down to: is a perfect toy for slower foreplay and for longer sessions. Only then will you experience TIANI 2 in all its glory. It is versatile and just a tad gadgety, which is great if you are the type. But luxurious and exciting, above all else. One thing’s for sure: I’ll go back for more.

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