LGBTQIA+ Content Creators To Follow

The KK team suggests some top social feeds to follow if your Instagram is feeling a little #straight
by Esme
22 Jun 2021

UPDATED: 22 Nov 2022


Pride Month might nearly be over, but that certainly doesn’t mean that LGBTQIA+ love, life and activism can or should be put away for another year.

Whether you’re a literature lover, looking for body-positive inspiration or someone to simply brighten up your feed, we’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best LGBTQIA+ influencers for you to follow today to keep the Pride flag flying all year round. 

Charlie Craggs 

With a tagline like “The T in LGBT is for Try me bitch”, you should know better than to mess with Charlie Craggs. Award-winning activist, founder of Nail Transphobia and author of To My Trans Sisters, join Charlie’s 32.5k followers for posts on everything from why we needed a trans emoji (and what a battle it was to get it) to some of the most succinct and valid relationship advice known to Instagram stories.

Scarlett Snow

Director and founder of Honey Burlesque, Scarlett Snow is out here changing the face of the art form. A dancer, performer and safe space creator, Scarlett and her dancers embody LGBTQIA+ women’s empowerment and show that you can be a community-collective with serious aims without ever compromising on your sex appeal. If you’re based in the US, getting yourself to their next event should be your top priority. This is burlesque, but not as you’ve ever seen it before. 

Eugene Lee Yang 

Best known as part of The Try Guys, a multi-award winning comedy series on YouTube, Eugene Lee Yang had previously refrained from discussing his sexuality. That is until June 2019, when he released a stunningly choreographed video titled “I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Yang”. As the most recent comment exclaims – “It wouldn’t be Pride without watching this video”. Since then, Eugene has used his platforms to speak openly about LGBTQIA+ issues, raising awareness and funds for The Trevor Project. 

Enam Asiama

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough #FatQueerFemme on your feed? Then you need to follow Enam Asiama, who describes herself in her Insta bio as exactly that. Enam is a model signed with Anti-Agency, a modelling agency committed to diversity and inclusion, and she uses her social feed to share editorial shoots as well as discussing issues around representation, racial injustice and fatphobia in the queer community. #Goddess

Kyle De’Volle

A fashion stylist and designer who has worked with the likes of Rita Ora and Bruno Mars, Kyle De’Volle is the guy to follow if you like your Instagram to feel high fashion. Kyle is not just a pretty face and couture dresses, though: he’s worked with UK charity The Mix to educate people on LGBTQIA+ issues as well as founding his own charity c.4.k.e – Courage 4 Kids & Equality – which works to support and inspire LGBTQIA+ teens. 

Florence Given 

Bi-sexual artist and author, Florence Given is a leopard print gift with enviable 70s hair and sarcastic wit. When she isn’t writing best-selling books she uses her Instagram to promote inclusivity and raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues, particularly those faced by women of all definitions and sexualities. With hot catch-phrases such as “Stop raising him, he’s not your son” and “A bitch is a woman with boundaries”, give Florence a follow for some no-nonsense feminist education. And leopard print. There’s lots of leopard print.  

Chase Ross

Chase Ross is a Youtuber and Trans man out here doing God’s work when it comes to educating people about life as a transgender person. He has created a YouTube series – Trans 101 – of thirty-one videos covering topics as broad as “What Is Transgender?” and as specific as “Stand To Pee Devices”. Whether you are trans, an ally or simply curious to know more, this series is the perfect explainer, with refreshingly open conversations around the often avoided topic of sex as a trans person.

Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson’s debut YA novel You Should See Me In A Crown became an instant bestseller when it came out in June 2020. It follows the story of Liz Lighty, a queer black teenager with a plan to escape from her Indiana town. Leah has another book coming out in 2021, Rise To The Sun, which should immediately go onto the reading list of any teens you might know (we know you’ll be the one reading it really).