Life on the edge…of a strap on

Here at Killing Kittens, we pride ourselves on creating a sexually liberated safe place where women can come and sexplore all their deepest desires. One of our most popular events are our girls only Clittorati parties, so much so, we have dedicated a whole Clittorati Hedonism party to them.

Here Kitten K tells us of her second Clittorati party and all it had to offer!

Do strap ons feature at the Clittorati parties?!

Having successfully completed my maiden voyage into the unadulterated world of pleasure and fantasy that Killing Kittens offered I was ready to experience more.

I had attended the first Clitoratti, an idea that had started off in the KK official Kittens only group chat. It had been an exciting and overwhelming first female-only experience. Having been satisfied by a single play I had left a little early.  So when Clitoratti was announced again I decided to buy my ticket and immerse myself fully and joined into the pre-party chat group.

The pre-party chat group – Kittens Getting Dressed up!

The chat was tantalising and flirty from the moment it opened. The kittens were so eager to get to know each other and were flirting unashamedly. Some were describing their expert practices in the art of female arousal while others were falling over themselves volunteering themselves to be guinea pigs.

There was the talk of bringing toys which caused quite a frenzy! This followed with pictures of the toys and their expert handlers.

I must say that never having experienced anything more than a vibrator I was in awe of the arsenal of sex toys some of the kittens were displaying. Then followed the details of which did what. Girls were breaking out of the conversations to stop and have a play as the excitement was tangible.

Then someone mentioned a strap on!!!!!!!! This has been a fantasy of mine and I was the first to say, “pick me, pick me!”

Followed by a few others. Most girls said they had never had that experience, so it was decided that the arsenal of toys were most definitely welcome.

Pre-drinks – Would the Kittens Whip out their Strap on Toys?!

The girls decided to meet at a bar by the River for pre-drinks. I had never gone to pre-drinks before and sat there alone at one of the empty tables. I was all dressed up sitting alone feeling very self-conscious when a beautiful girl walked past the table. I looked at her and she smiled and walked passed. I waited, how would I recognise anyone? Another girl approached, slowed down and eyed me hesitantly. “Meow,” I purred bravely. She laughed out loud and meowed back. Yes! she was a fellow Kitten. The table soon filled up with excited chatter, everyone talking at once. Laughing and giggling exchanging stories.  A stunningly attractive pixie-like girl walked up with a gym bag larger than herself.

“I guess we’re all going to a party and I’ve bought my toys!” she said.

I was definitely going to be on her team.  We made our way to the venue which was a modern apartment tucked away down a discreet alley.

The Party

This time unlike the last time no one wasted any time. Some of the girls were already down to their lingerie. One drink and a few polite greetings later we made our way upstairs to one of the bedrooms.

Almost instantly a very sexy girl started to kiss me. She gently tugged at my hair as she pulled my head back and explored my mouth with her tongue. She unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor as I arched my back so my breast was in line with her mouth. She cupped my breast with her hand as she flicked her warm tongue over my nipple then sucked hard. Laying me back on the bed she followed the line between my breasts down toward my navel. Licking and nibbling as she went lower and lower. Someone else took over sucking on my breasts. Her hot tongue flicked on my clitoris. She licked and sucked and at the same time, her fingers entered me. She worked her magic,  fingering and licking me until my body shuddered to a climax under her.

The strap-on

As I opened my eyes I saw a girl standing there with waist length red hair she was looking at me as she stepped into something which she fastened around her waist.

And there it was ‘The Strap On!’ In all its glory. This beautiful little red-haired mermaid standing there naked with breasts and a DICK. It couldn’t get any better than that. It was like a tag team. Someone opened a bag and took out a toy which was plugged into the wall. My kitten lay back as one girl placed the ‘yarosi’ vibrator on her clit. The redhead climbed onto the bed and pushed her knees apart. With one hand she held her Dick rubbing it up and down looking at the girl beneath her.

We all sat, hands between our legs, mouths open in awe waiting for what was to happen next.

“You ready baby? Hum, you want some? You want some dick?”She whispered softly. Then gently eased her dick inside her. Holding her knees open she thrust her pelvis backward and forwards, clenching her little buttocks as she did. The kitten under her moaned loudly as the vibrator did its thing and the redhead did hers. As she thrust harder her hair swayed in rhythm, “Who’s the daddy? Who’s the daddy?” She teased as we all came in unison!

Fulfilling my fantasy

This became a mission as the blonde next to me strapped on to. We were sitting on a massage table and once she was harnessed I swung my leg over her and lowered myself down onto her. Cupping each other’s breasts I began to ride her living out every delicious moment of my fantasy.

True to her word the little pixies gym bag was full of exciting toys, gels, and massage oils.

Everyone took turns trying out the strap-on. It was a such a turn on to watch. I have never had an experience like it. The closest I had ever imagined to anything like this was just images in the confines of my head. Now here I was tingling and throbbing and totally spent with the effects of living out my fantasy in the safe haven of the Killing Kitten Kommunity!

I never knew the thrill of living life on the edge………

Of a strap-on!