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MysteryVibe Tenuto

KK catches up with the makers of Tenuto - the wearable, smart vibrator
by KK
4 Jul 2018

UPDATED: 24 Aug 2022


Every so often, a new product comes on the market that is simply groundbreaking. One such product is the Tenuto from our friends at MysteryVibe. Here we find out more about this smart vibrator from the makers themselves. 

Editor’s Note: Though endorsed as a shop by the author, the MysteryVibe site contains some language around bodies and experiences that is limited in how it addresses gender beyond binary conceptions. We would like to inform our intersex, trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive readers in advance of visiting the site. [Edited 2022]

First up…what is the Tenuto vibe?

Tenuto is a wearable, smart vibrator developed for people with penises, simultaneously generating pleasure for both partners if used during partnered sex.

It features six vibration zones, stimulating from the base of the penis all the way to the perineum, each of which is independently programmable either on the device itself or by mobile app.

Tenuto’s design helps to increase and maintain blood flow to the penis while stimulating erogenous zones and nerve endings in the perineum. When worn during intercourse, both partners can experience a greater variety of pleasure.

With its flexible shape, Tenuto adapts to you and can be worn during solo play, with a partner and during penetrative sex.

What does “Tenuto” mean?

Tenuto is a musical term. The precise meaning of Tenuto is contextual, depending on its placement. It can enhance either the duration or dynamic of a musical note – signifying that the note should be played slightly louder, or that the musician should hold the note for its full duration (or longer).

Likewise, the Tenuto toy can enhance the duration and potency of sex, intensifying pleasure and intimacy for both partners.

What makes the Tenuto toy so unique?

Tenuto combines its personalized approach to pleasure with world-class tech design to provide an elevated experience of sex.

It’s the only product designed for penises and couples that stimulates multiple passion points, with the ability to program the location, pattern and intensity of vibrations exactly to the person’s tastes.

Tenuto is built to focus on both the wearer and receiver’s pleasure and keep all the tech hidden underneath the seamless ergonomic design. Its unique shape and flexibility make it perfect for adapting to many body shapes. It has 6-motors, all individually controllable through a beautiful app. Everything is designed to give the user ultimate control over their pleasure.

How do you use Tenuto?

There’s no one way to use Tenuto, as everyone has different bodies, and different people may benefit from different types of stimulation.

We originally designed Tenuto to be worn around the shaft, like a traditional cock ring, with the base of the device sending vibrations through the perineum to the prostate. However, others may find that the stimulation works better at the glans of the penis, or more directly along the shaft. You can try turning Tenuto around, or use some lubrication and some gentle movements around the head of the penis.

Tenuto is built to be adaptable to the needs of the individual — not only through positioning, but also through the programming of vibrations.

Tenuto facilitates communication, whether with a partner or with your own body. It isn’t one size fits all. It isn’t built for specific genitalia, or a specific use, like penetration. Everything you do with Tenuto is exploratory, from how you wear it to the type of vibes you choose.

That necessitates questions — does that feel good? what if I tried it this way? — and hopefully leads to better sex.

What about the app?

We made the MysteryApp to add to the pleasure personalisation experience. While you can play with Tenuto on its own, make different shapes and use its inbuilt vibes, the app lets you add to that with new vibes and partner play through live control.

We continuously update the app to make it more fun. It comes free so you’ll never get bored with your Tenuto.

Can Tenuto be used solo?

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend that people experiment with Tenuto outside of intercourse as well. Penis sex toys rarely employ vibration, and it’s an entirely different type of orgasm from traditional friction. Because it allows for hands-free pleasure, it can be worn easily in a variety of situations, from watching videos alone to using it while performing oral sex on a partner.

Do you have to have a penis to enjoy using Tenuto?

Not at all! While it was developed originally for people with penises, Tenuto turns whatever it’s attached to into a powerful vibrator. That’s could be a penis, a dildo or a strap-on or alone, as a method of directly stimulating the genitals. It’s tremendously adaptable, no matter what your gender, sexuality or body. We’re eager to hear how people use it creatively!

Why not just use a vibrator?

We believe tech should enhance your sex life, not replace it. Traditional vibrators can only work on one partner at a time. Why use a vibrator when you can BE the vibrator?

Does Tenuto replace Viagra?

Tenuto is a pleasure product, not a medical device, but for many people, it can help sexual performance.

Like a cock ring, Tenuto works to keep the penis engorged, while simultaneously generating blood flow throughout the genitals. Because the vibrations stimulate the nerve endings throughout the region, from the penis and perineum to the prostate and the cremaster muscle in the scrotum, it can be helpful in sparking and maintaining arousal. For many, it can be a great solution, particularly for those of us who have trouble getting in the mood due to daily stress and anxiety.

Can people with health conditions or disabilities use Tenuto?

Absolutely. Once placed on the penis, Tenuto can be used hands-free to provide stimulation. It can also be controlled remotely via the app.

Can Tenuto be used in the bath? Or shower?

We have used new revolutionary technology similar to the new iPhones that can be submerged in water – even the open charger hole.

How does Tenuto help to close the orgasm gap?

80% of cisgender women find it difficult to achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone, and women in heterosexual sexual relationships experience one orgasm for every three had by the man. Tenuto is not only enjoyed by the wearer, but [in penetrative, penis in vagina sex] the other partner will benefit from added vibrations and clitoral stimulation.