National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day, by far our favourite day of the year.

National Orgasm Day is celebrated on the 31st July every year and we love hearing everyone’s quotes and tales about the big O. From the best orgasm they’ve ever had to their top tips on how to reach a climax in no time. This year  LELO have conducted a global survey to find out which country has the most orgasms and where they’re most intense.

Apparently, National Orgasm Day started in 2015 across the US and Australia but us randy Brits have joined in on the cause… any excuse for an orgasm aye?

So without further ado, the stats…

  • Coming in first place (see what we did there) with 35% is Norway. 35% Norwegians are claiming to orgasm every single day putting them in first place on the orgasm leader board.
  • Us Brits are shamefully behind at just 11% claiming to orgasm every day (they clearly haven’t asked KK members these questions…)
  • We shouldn’t be downhearted though, because the average global rate or climax is two to three times per week. So go us, for being above average.
  • Anyone panicking about entering their late thirties? We have some good news for you, 36 is the prime time for the perfect climax amongst women. It’s down to them feeling confident in their own skin and generally having more sex.

A few more nuggets of wisdom, just in case you weren’t already convinced that you needed to go and celebrate National Orgasm Day in style.

  • Having an orgasm at night puts you in a better mood and boosts your performance at work the next day
  • It’s possible for women to have ‘super-orgasms’ where they can orgasm 100 times in a row
  • Only 15% of women orgasm every time they have sex
  • 56% of men orgasm every time, making them four times more like to orgasm during sex

So there you have it. You can go away knowing a little bit more about the orgasm.

We wish you all a wonderful National Orgasm Day.


National Orgasm Day