National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day—by far, it’s our favourite day of the year.

National Orgasm Day is celebrated on July 31st every year, and we love hearing everyone’s quotes and tales, from the best orgasm they’ve ever had to their top tips on how to reach a climax in the fastest time.

A little more about National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day started life as an off-shoot of International Female Orgasm Day. Premiering in Brazil on August 8th 2007, it was created to raise awareness of female sexuality by a local councilman, and, he said, ‘repaying a sexual debt to his wife’. A new municipal law was brought into play to reduce the stigma attached to female sexuality in his country. The holiday received plenty of support from local and international communities, and even the local church.

Participants were introduced and educated to all things orgasm, including what they are, how to have one, masturbation, health benefits, faking it, and raising awareness of the orgasm gap (the difference in orgasm frequency during sexual encounters between cis men and women).

It’s not just the politicians who want you to orgasm—it’s the scientists too!

We love this article that psychologist Laurie Mintz, Ph.D, posted on Psychology Today, all about National Orgasm Day and the scientific take on the topic.

Mintz expertly explains how an orgasm happens, looking into the physical processes involved. She goes on to discuss the orgasm gap, with how and why the balance is so heftily weighted towards penis orgasm over vulval. Research shows how much of our sexual activity is based around penetrative sex, an act where most vulva-owners don’t orgasm.

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How to beat the numbers and give yourselves the best chance of orgasm during sex

Apart from getting over the fear of touching yourself in front of or helping your partner give you want and need during sex, the other big reveal is how much our brains are involved in the act.

Switching off our brains is paramount to your climax. So, all your concerns and worry about how you look, what to expect, whether you’ll be what your partner wants, or if you’ll come at all? Well, it all has to go out of the window once you start that ball rolling.

Letting go is the key, according to Mintz.

We love her analogy of mind-blowing sex being precisely that: blow your fuses in your mind and let your body take over. During orgasm, your conscious mind turns off automatically. You can help the orgasms on their way by quieting the noise in your mind as much as possible (worrying about whether you will come or not is a big one). Lean into the sensations in your body and, conversely, the more you let go of wanting to orgasm, the more likely it is to happen.

Every day’s a school day – even in the bedroom

So there you have it. You can go away today, understanding a little bit more about your orgasms, how they work, and how to up your chances of getting them during sex.

And you don’t need to wait for one special day a year—every day is worth that kind of celebration!

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We wish you all a wonderful National Orgasm Day.

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