You are Never too old to try new things!

You are Never too old to try new things! This is certainly the case for Kitten J (45), who in this review tells us of her journey into KK and the sexperience of her first party in a Scottish Castle. Proving that to become a Kitten, age really is just a number, and if you’re going to pop your KK party cherry, what a place to do it!

I have always been intrigued and interested in exploring my sexuality. However, in the past opportunities to do this in a manner that I felt comfortable with had never really presented themselves.

 Imagine my delight and surprise to meet a great gentleman in my mid-forties suggesting going to a Killing Kittens party. I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive but at the same time excited and curious to experience a new sexual adventure. 

I researched the Killing Kittens website and decided that I liked the ethos of girls being in control and deciding to what extent you wanted to explore their sexual boundaries.

 The day of the Scottish castle party was fast approaching and it was time to consider what outfit in which to make my KK debut, I enjoyed the anticipation and preparations for going to the party this was quite an aphrodisiac in itself. Eventually, the big day arrived and we travelled the hotel near the party venue and met up with other KK couples attending the party. They were absolutely lovely and really made me feel at ease. 

The Party

 I arrived at the fantastic venue with the amazing gentleman who accompanied me. I was quite nervous entering my mask in place but the party organisers and the party guests soon made me feel at ease. It was just like any ordinary party with drinks and chatting, getting to know each other.

 We then ventured up to the further floors of the castle to see what sexy possibilities lay ahead. The venue was stunning and it wasn’t long before the party began to get naughty.

It was such a sexual thrill to get sensual in the company of like-minded people.

My partner and I began to get very turned on and went up to one of the rooms so we could be more intimate together in private. Although it was very exciting to think someone could walk in on us and see us together. After having some fun upstairs we decided to venture into the hot tub. this is where I had my sexual limits pushed and behaved very naughtily other with Kittens and Toms was such a turn on.

Sexual Awakening

 I will always remember my first KK party the age of 45 as a new sexual awakening and the start of my own self-discovery of what makes me feel sexy and desired. I have attended further parties since the Scottish castle last October and each time I’ve explored different facets of my sexuality. I would recommend anyone who wants to go on a sexual journey to go to a KK party. You only live once and only regret the things you never tried. From personal experience, you are never too old to try new things and the parties provide a no pressure, sensuous environment in which to explore some of you’re sexual fantasies whatever you’re age xx