Outlandish Creations

Outlandish Creations

Who and what is Outlandish Creations?

We are fast approaching Kristmas, and I’ve been busy searching out those unique presents for Kittens and Toms to share with you (you’re welcome). Without a doubt, Outlandish Creations falls into this category.

It is KK purrfect; the china tableware is not only exquisite and of exceptional quality, but in the spirit of KK, it has a risqué and fun side. Outlandish Creations pieces are genuinely stunning.

Describing her work as beautifully crafted, delicate, luxurious, feminine and provocative, it sounds perfect for all of you Kittens—as those words could sum up each and every one of us.

Here, Katie Roberton tells us a bit about herself and her unique company.


What is Outlandish Creations?

Outlandish Creations is the brand I created that represents my making process. I am a designer and maker of extremely high-quality, beautiful china tableware.

How long have you been in business?

I started Outlandish Creations when I left art school in 2005.

 Outlandish Creations, Killing Kittens

What makes you so different to other porcelain companies?

The quality of the work that Outlandish Creations produce is utterly perfect, and my quirky sense of humour is present in every piece I make. I’m passionate about delivering something that’s not only beautiful in itself but presented beautifully too.


What is the most unusual product you have been commissioned to make?

This would be a commission that I’ll be working on in the new year. It’s not only an incredibly complicated mould to make, but it’s going to produce a fabulous objet d’art. My mouth is watering just thinking about how challenging and difficult it will be. Not only that but also how amazing the finished piece is going to look!

The truth about Polyamory

What’s your best seller?

The ‘whore’ teacup, of course—made famous by Lady Gaga tweeting her very own teacup made by Outlandish Creations.


Outlandish Creations, Killing Kittens

What do you feel is the ultimate gift for a Kitten or Tom?

I would love to say the porcelain riding crop, as it’s so beautiful, yet dangerous and fragile at the same time.

Outlandish Creations, Killing Kittens

How do you juggle your business/life?

It is a juggle full of ups and downs, dramas and crises, busy and quiet times, but the pleasure I get from someone so excited to receive an Outlandish Creations piece is always worth it.

Outlandish Creations, Killing Kittens

And a little more from our own research into Outlandish Creations

If you’d like to own an Outlandish Creations piece of your own, you can order a commission or buy any one of the beautiful standard product lines available from her website.

Take a look over the product pages, and you’ll find mugs, cups and saucers, salt and pepper pots (shaped liked cocks, of course), clothing, bags, and even pet bowls!

I think I’d plump for the ‘Mother Cuppa’ cup and saucer, but really, there are too many beautiful bits and pieces to choose a firm favourite—I’d like to own them all!

A celebrity brand with the most famous faces drinking from her teacups

With famous Outlandish Creations owners on her list that include Sir Elton John, Lady Gaga and Damien Hirst, you’d find yourself in excellent company.

Other star sippers, taking a tipple from Outlandish’s china teacups feature Joanna Lumley, Ruby Wax, Graham Norton, and Susannah Constantine.

Katie has appeared on ITN National News, as well as in The Daily Telegraph, The Metro, Vanity Fair, and on the documentary ‘McFly On The Wall’.

Outlandish Creations, Killing Kittens

Current ‘Creations’ and commissions

Porcelain, fine bone china, and earthenware mugs, tankards, teapots and more; have them embellished with your own saucy straplines or pick from Katie’s selection of proven favourites. There are all kinds of suggestive suggestions, each one beautifully crafted into a little work of art.

How KK helped me find my soulmate

Some of the recent commissions on Katie’s list include,

  • 10 dinner plates, hand-delivered as a birthday gift-set
  • 20 large salt and pepper ‘cock-shakers’ with blue delft floral decals, for a 40th Birthday celebration at a luxury boutique hotel
  • A porcelain tea-drinking straw
  • Thrown porcelain fruit bowls
  • And a 16-piece porcelain chandelier!

If there’s something you’ve seen and it doesn’t feature on the OC list, then get in touch with Katie. She’s always happy to consider new and exciting possibilities. From the initial plaster moulds to decals and designs created in Photoshop—everything is created by Katie. With such all-round personalisation available, well, anything is possible.

Whether your Kristmas shopping list is full of Nice Tits t-shirts, Fuckoffee or Massive Twat mugs, your Kitten-friends are going to love what they find in their stockings.

And if it is their stockings these beautiful items are heading towards, make sure they don’t lose a bottle stopper or salt and pepper shaker where they shouldn’t. Choose something like her Daisuke commission that’s far better suited to a sexier, satisfying purpose.

What is Outlandish Creations going to come with next? Who knows—we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can follow Outlandish Creations on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram



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