Tips for Massaging Penises

We spoke with Jessica Parker about the basics when it comes to Penis Massage. From what to focus on to how to finish.

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First Penis Massage Tip: Soft or hard 

One of the main benefits of penis massage is that there is no pressure to perform, be erect, ejaculate, orgasm – it can simply be a moment of surrendering into receiving pleasure passively. Varying pressure (light or firm touch) and pace (fast or slow movements) can help attune your massage to whatever stage the penis is at – soft, semi or hard. For example slowing down your strokes if they want to breathe and hang out in a certain level of arousal, or holding and pulsing both of your hands around the penis shaft as they observe sensations and thought patterns when they’re not erect rather than feeling like they should be hard or in ‘doing/performing mode’.


Second Penis Massage Tip: Whole-body approach

Yes you’re massaging the penis but in order to create full-body sensations as opposed to a focussed localised area then a few full-body strokes in between each penis massage stroke can help allow the whole body to relax, let go and fully receive.

Third Penis Massage Tip: Feedback

Every penis is different so be sure to talk first to get an idea of what sort of sensations they normally like, they may want to show and demonstrate areas or strokes they particularly like or don’t want which will help you navigate and attune to their reactions. For example, the head/tip of the penis might have a very tight foreskin or become too sensitive with too much touch, or the testicles may like light scratching with fingernails or just super careful light smooth strokes. Keep checking in and watching their body language as you massage.

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Fourth Penis Massage Tip: Afterwards 

One of the main things I see when teaching clients penis massage is that once they feel its finished or their partner has ejaculated the ‘magic’ massage moment is over and hands are quickly off the body and into cleaning up mode. After lots of lovely sensual attention the last thing you want to do is anything quickly! Allow time to leave your hands to hold and be still on the penis or hips/stomach, and slowly breathe with your partner before slowly detaching or changing position/cleaning hands etc. You may want to finish with a head massage (actual face/head not penis head!) and foot massage or run a bath – whatever you decide, allow for slow endings and stillness/space afterwards.

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