Rainbow Kissing Kink: How To Keep Safe

Perhaps you’ve clicked on this article because you’re genuinely wanting to know how to keep safe during a rainbow kiss. Or maybe you’re completely puzzled as to what this kink even is. 

For some, the term ‘rainbow kiss’ may conjure up images of all sorts of playful, colourful, and/or sweet-flavoured kisses. And all of the above could actually be spot-on, depending on your taste and preference.

So, today, we’re going to look at what a rainbow kiss is for those who are intrigued, as well as ways you can keep safe while engaging in a rainbow kiss. 

Editor’s Note: A few of the quoted sources in this piece use language that is limited in how it addresses gender beyond the binary. We have included them here as they are examples of prevalent definitions from a widely used source, but we would like to notify our readers that we intend for this piece to be broad in gender application. We do not ascribe to the same binary and bioessentialist notions of gender expressed in the quoted definitions.  

We hope that you enjoy reading this article and that it helps you to find new ways to experience and or give pleasure! We welcome feedback at editor@wearekk.com

What is a Rainbow Kiss?

A rainbow kiss is when two people exchange bodily fluids during play time. Usually, this bodily fluid is a combination of menstrual blood and semen. One way for this to be achieved is for oral sex to be given and received at the same time. 

In other words, the 69 position can be a real winner when it comes to rainbow kissing! 

And while Urban Dictionary defines a rainbow kiss as “performing cunnilingus on a menstruating female, often followed by orally swapping semen and blood/secretions,” there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

For example, both partners could be on their period, both could ejaculate, or one partner could be on their period while the other ejaculates. The combination of bodily fluids is merely a reflection of whom one is intimate with. 

Whichever way it is practised, partners will kiss, resulting in a fusion of bodily fluids from both parties, and a blissfully sticky make out session. 

Having said that, while some may be turned off by the idea of sharing period blood, a strong bond can be brought about by engaging in this act with someone who is menstruating.

“Playing with blood bonds people because of the trust it takes to engage in such an act,” says Carolanne Marcantonio, a certified sex therapist. 

But bonding is, of course, not the only reason people enjoy rainbow kissing. For some, this act is another way to experience new things and to invigorate their foreplay or sexual routine. For others, the naughtiness or forbidden factor alone could play a part in why they enjoy rainbow kissing. 

The reasons are seemingly limitless however, as we know how wonderfully diverse us human beings can be.

So, whether you already know you love rainbow kissing or are simply intrigued by it, it’s fundamental to know that there is a certain amount of risk involved when engaging in a rainbow kiss. We aim to address that today so that you can go ahead and see all the colours of the rainbow in absolute bliss, if that’s something you fancy.

But first, a little background of where the term actually comes from… 

Where Did the Term ‘Rainbow Kiss’ Come From?

If a rainbow kiss is experienced with period blood and cum, there’s a colour that’s brought to life, which contributes to the name “rainbow kiss”. 

And while a milky white plus a reddish colour doesn’t exactly represent a rainbow, it is the combination of these two colours that inspired the term “rainbow kiss”.

But, as we mentioned, a rainbow kiss is still a rainbow kiss if it involves two mouthfuls of cum or two mouthfuls of period blood. 

Side note: there is also something called a “strawberry milkshake” which shouldn’t be confused with rainbow kissing. 

A strawberry milkshake, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is “when a woman starts her period while having unprotected intercourse. After the man finishes inside her the resultant excrement is known as the strawberry milkshake”.

How to Keep Safe in a Rainbow Kiss

A rainbow kiss comes with the same risks as all unprotected sex. “Semen and period blood carry lots of different infectious particles, such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis,” says obgyn, Heather Irobunda, MD. 

And while we actively encourage everyone to experiment and embrace their sensual, sexual, and kinky side, here is the most important way to keep safe during a rainbow kiss:

  • Engage in a rainbow kiss with a trusted partner or someone who’s recently taken an STI/HIV test

This is by far the best way to ensure safety and all kinds of playfulness without worry during your bout of rainbow kissing. 

We also suggest having an open and honest stream of communication with your partner about your sexual preferences and your STI/HIV status before participating in a rainbow kiss.

And, don’t forget: consent is mandatory and critical for every sex act, including a rainbow kiss. 

In fact, as this kind of activity requires an additional level of understanding, it wouldn’t be something we would necessarily recommend doing on a one-night-stand, unless there is a lot of prior communication involved! Also, due to the risks of STI transmission, rainbow kissing should only be done in multiple partner situations if everyone is aware of each other’s STI status. 

Now that we’ve covered the ins and outs of rainbow kissing, we thought we’d round off this informative article with a general overview of the term ‘kink’.

What is a Kink? 

A kink is anything that can be categorised as a non-conventional sex act. It can be unique and personal to each individual or relationship, and often communities both online and irl spring up in celebration of certain kinks. 

For example, one person or couple may love using spreader bars and ball gags during their playtime routine. This would be considered a kink. 

A kink shouldn’t be confused with a fetish however. A fetish is a sexual desire for something, for instance an object, a typically non-sexual body part, a certain type of material and more. A foot fetish, for example, is a common fetish for many people.

How Many Kinks Are There? 

While many people attempt to create a glossary of every kind of kink as a means to answer this question, the list is basically never-ending. 

Any kink, as long as it’s practised safely and with consent, can be a thrilling experience. Just make sure that, with kinks that are potentially harmful or risky, you take proper precautions such as employing an expert or taking live classes to learn the correct skills and techniques.

What we can offer you however, is a list of the five most common kinks. Perhaps reading them will give you an insight into how to introducing kink to your sex life?

Do I Need a Kink?

You most certainly do not need a kink to have a rich and fulfilling sex life. The way in which you experience and explore pleasure is entirely up to you (and your partner/s). 

If you find that unkinky sex is what you enjoy, by all means go forth and have the best sex of your life. 

There is nothing wrong with having, or not having, a kink – or kinks! – and there is nothing wrong with loving unkinky sex either. 

If whatever you’re doing is working for you, then we say good on you and have lots of (safe) fun!

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