Sextech shero: Bryony Cole

Bryony Cole a fierce Australian, global speaker, advisor and specialist in femtech, sex tech and health tech. Now based in United States Bryony has launched the epic Future of Sex podcasts to explore how sex tech is affecting intimacy, connections, and relationships.

Bryony has always been obsessed with humans and technology, and her questions made her curious enough to start the Future of Sex podcasts. Through hundreds of interviews with technologists, scientists, filmmakers, therapists and everyday people, she explores the impact of technology on human intimacy. In each episode, she investigates a new issue from herpes to the etiquette of dick pics to the ethics of sex robots.

Bryony explores how technology is forming its own middle space in sexuality, yet she noticed the most significant changes aren’t how we are having sex but how attitudes are shifting. Women are finally owning their sexuality, starting to understand themselves and their own bodies.

With a lack of women in the tech sector, be it as investors, founders or management positions Bryony is helping to promote women in tech, and regularly speaks all over the globe at tech conferences and academic institutions. The podcast has been referred to as the podcast helping women to build the future of sex tech.

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