Sextival Time

If you love sex, as we all do at KK, and you love festivals, why not combine the two. Here are 5 of the horniest sextivals the world has to offer.

SEXPO, August, Australia

Sexpo, an exhibition of health, sexuality and adult lifestyle. Debuted in Australia in 1996 and is the worlds longest running adult exhibition. It was originally formed to allow women and couples to experience all the adult industry had to offer and since its formation, the show has grown from strength to strength and is now one of Australias largest adult events. SEXPO aims are to celebrate all lifestyles and sexualities in a fun, vibrant and safe environment for open minded adults. There are hundreds of exhibitors, something for everyone.

The entertainment is second to none, with international performers, male and female stage acts, comedy hypnotists, fetish demonstrations, with huge encouragement for audience participation, fashion parades, educational demonstrations and seminars, pole-dancing classes and hosts free giveaways. Competitions run such as the world famous Amateur Strip and the acclaimed Sexy Cosplay. SEXPO provides multiple bars and lounge areas, a fetish playroom. SEXPO provides all their patrons with the opportunity to mix in a bit of shopping and socializing with world class erotic entertainment – what better way to spend a day out?


Folsom Street Fair, September, San Fransisco, USA

Folsom Street Fair (FSF) is an annual BDSM and leather street fair, held in historic Folsom Street during its Leather Pride Week. FSF is California’s third-largest single-day, outdoor spectator event with over 400,000 fetish enthusiasts spread over 13 city blocks. It caters for every fetish you could imagine. 200 exhibitors selling everything erotic books, fetish gear, and of course the sex toys. You can expect to see public floggings, and people bound, gagged and dressed in latex, if they’re dressed at all. Complete with live music, erotic dancers, performers, carnival games, and food stalls. There are public “play stations” and “naked areas” and “The Playground” a space for women, trans and gender inclusive to meet. If you’ve got a kink or an unusual itch to scratch, this is probably the best place to fulfill your fantasy.


Fetish Fashion Party, September, Copenhagen, Denmark

This sextival is a more intimate and for the more unusual. Started in 1995, it is a celebration of all things kink. Kinky’s aim is to explore the world of BDSM, fetishes and unusual sexual behaviours. International artists, designers and performers from all over the world come to take part. Some of the features include Rubber fashion show, performances, rubber Vacbed, DJ’s, dancing, cocktails, playrooms, darkrooms and after all that a much needed Chill out room. This is not one you can turn up in your gym gear too, there is a strict dress code if you’re not in rubber, leather, PVC, lingerie, lycra, trans-drag, parade/galla, or uniforms you are not coming in!


Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (The Festival of the Iron Phallus) April
Kawasaki, Japan

One of the more unusual festivals, that celebrates everything Penis. The festival of the Iron Phallus comes from an ancient tradition, that serves as a celebration of fertility, long marriages, and healthy births. The story goes that in the 1600s, during Japan’s Edo period, local prostitutes would congregate at the Kanamara Shinto shrine in Kawasaki, where they’d pray for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. A more fantastic tale lies in the fabled “vagina dentata,” or toothed vagina, which supposedly castrated several poor young men on their wedding nights. The woman cursed with the toothed vagina (most likely a metaphor for syphilis, which was common then) went to see a blacksmith, who forged her an iron dildo in order to break the teeth of her inner demon, thus protecting the penis of her future suitor. The Kanamara shrine is dedicated to the blacksmith, and over the centuries sex workers have paid pilgrimage to the shrine to seek its powers of protection.
The event today sees visitors from all over the world come to pay tribute to the phallus through everything, Penis hats, penis puppets, penis floats, penis costumes, even the young and old suck on penis lollypops! It has also recently grown into an event surrounding sexual health education as well as LGBTQ rights and is a major fundraiser for HIV research.


Seattle Erotic Art Festival  April, Seattle, WA

Held over three days The Seattle Erotic Art Festival showcases some of the finest erotic art the world has to offer. Its aim to make a sex-positive community. The provocative pieces grace the floors of the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. As well as the art there are daily entertainments from raunchy readings, titillating burlesque, art classes, erotic short films and festival stores that sell many unique items.

In the evenings, the vibe changes from a gallery to a sexy art party. The Late Night Festival is a sexy, fun time with DJs, performers, bartenders at the ready, and a fantastically energetic crowd.