Watching porn before a date could lead to a second

Out of all the strategies to get a guy or girl, sexual priming might be the most enjoyable. A new study has found that even thinking about sex before a first date could make you more open and outgoing, which is likely to create a strong connection and get you a second one.

This process is called sexual priming and you can achieve it Kittens and Toms by simply by watching porn for 15 minutes before your date.

In short, the study, led by Professor Gurit Birnbaum, an Associate Professor at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, found that sexual priming switches a flick that reminds the body that it wants to reproduce, so it primes you to bring in a partner.

Professor Birnbaum and her team conducted the study on 246 heterosexual students and found those shown sexual stimuli were more prone to self-disclosure in dating situations, both on and offline.

In a blog for Psychology Today, Professor Gurit explained that the ‘activation of the sexual system encourages self-disclosure, a strategy that allows people to become closer to a potential partner.’

This happens because our sexual behavioural systems have evolved to motivate reproductive acts, which involves developing lasting affection relationships, which all means you become your most charismatic and open self, post orgasm.

Professor Gurit said:

‘The present research suggests that sexual activation facilitates this process, such that when two strangers meet, sexual interest will determine the extent to which personal information will be revealed during their interaction: Heightened sexual interest in a prospective partner is likely to increase self-disclosure, whereas a lack of sexual interest is likely to inhibit it. ‘

Surely worth a try.