The Ultimate birthday treat

It’s your partners birthday. We’ve all been there, what do you get the person who has everything? What will be memorable, individual, thoughtful and basically take their breath away and make you the best person who ever walked the universe? Fret no more, Our very own Kitten M surprised her beloved Tom J with the ultimate sexy birthday treat. Here is Tom J’s account of his most original and deeply appreciated birthday present.

Tom J’s Review

The date was nearing 12th May, Yay! My birthday! I was expecting the usual, a surprise gift and a meal. It would most likely be something nice to wear and dinner at a classy restaurant. I kept the weekend free so we could spend my birthday weekend together.

The night before my birthday at midnight, my gorgeous partner gave me a sweet kiss on my lips and announced ‘’sweet heart, Happy Birthday! I haven’t bought you any gifts, but I have arranged a surprise for you tomorrow’’ I was intrigued and asked ‘’what is it?’’ She answered as I expected “No, you have to wait, it’s a surprise’’.

The day of my birthday

Finally, the day of my birthday arrived. That morning my partner gave me a cup of tea in bed and told me to hurry up and get ready, that we had a long drive ahead to Brighton. Sitting on the bed, I stared at her, in honesty a little agitated. Brighton, a three-hour drive (i murmured inside, do I have to drive this far for a birthday meal?)

I saw the suitcase was ready and asked if I could have a peek inside, her response was a firm ‘No’. We got ourselves ready and I drove to Brighton. My partner directed me to a hip looking hotel and instructed me to wait in the car. She went inside and checked in, while I parked the car and followed her in with instruction to go straight to the room. The Hotel, I can only describe as very rock & roll. I have never have stayed in such a cool place. Our room was great, spacious, comfortable with interesting graphics on the wall.

Intrigued at my birthday plans, I asked her what the day was going to entail, where were we going to eat? ( I’d driven for hours, it had better be special) She told me we would have a meal near the sea side, but that we were attending a party at 9 pm, at the hotel we were staying in. I asked “party?’’ She replied ‘’yes, you have to wear a mask though” and handed me a black mask from the suitcase. I was amused, a party wearing a mask? I couldn’t hide my surprise or my grin. From that moment, I couldn’t wait for 9 pm!

The suprise!

We had a meal and went back to the hotel to freshen up and to get ready. She handed me my suit and mask. When I was ready I looked at myself in the mirror, and yes, I felt good and I looked sharp. I looked over to my partner, she looked stunning in her little black dress. We felt slightly shy and nervous leaving the room but decided to be brave and just go for it! The masks actually helped to make us feel more confident. Nobody was going to see our faces anyway!

The Party

We descended to the bar, where people were arriving, it didn’t take long to realize that everybody staying in the hotel was also attending the party. Men and women, so elegantly dressed, complete with masks. It reminded me of my favorite movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. Would this be the same? Would the evening hold the same excitements as the film? We sat and had a couple of drinks soaking in the atmosphere. It started getting busier, the room was filling up with beautifully dressed, stunning couples. The mask added as a good excuse as my eyes were roaming everywhere!

The lady who was coordinating the evening gave us some friendly advice to take a walk and have a look around, she assured us there were lots of things worth seeing!. We soon discovered a room on the first floor, inside stood a man, surrounded by ropes. He went on to explain to us that he had 16 years experience in Rope play. My partner was immediate with her request ” Really, why don’t you tie me up?’’

I stood aside, as the man started to entangle her in rope, using very complex knots, something I could never have managed.

Soon, dressed in just her bra and panties, she was lying on the sofa, blindfolded with her hands tied behind her head. Her legs were raised and tied up both sides. It was so exciting watching her, and the numerous other couples watching just added to the intensity.

Once she was completely immobilized, the guy gave me the ‘magic wand’ and told me, “Now she is all yours, you can do whatever you want’’ Ha, what a setting! I know all her soft spots and I didn’t have to think twice. I placed the wand straight on her clit, at maximum vibration, with my 2 fingers inside her, touching on G spot. Spot on! It didn’t take more than few seconds for her loud mesmerizing moans to fill the whole room and beyond, the sound of her pleasure was incredible. I continued, and we lost all track of time.

We left the room excited and energized and continued to roam through many beautiful candle lit and romanticly arranged rooms. Slowly, we explored our way to the lower ground floor. The sights were so erotic, just like ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, everywhere I looked there were sexy bodies, never before had I seen so many beautiful people together, so sexy and wearing very little or nothing.

Losing count of time and hands!

We entered a room, in the center was a huge round bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes, everyone was naked and having sex. I stood, turned on and stunned watching. My partner slowly pulled me on to the bed, we both got naked, my eyes wandering all around, she sat on me and that ride continued for the next three hours. I lost count of how many hands were on me, my partner encouraging them. I lay speechless. An unforgettable experience! Pure bliss! What a birthday gift! Never before in my life! Big thanks to KK and hats off to my partner. Between you both, I am fulfilling many fantasies. I am in awe of my partner’s bravery and for giving me most memorable birthday gift ever. My sweet heart, I love you!

For those of us approaching the dreaded birthday dilemma, here you have it, the unique birthday gift that all our Kittens and Toms desire. You too can surprise your beloved with one of our Killing Kittens parties for a birthday treat that will blow all the others out of the park!