5 fascinating ways the weather affects your sex life

In a bid to make the most of our British summer, many of us become wannabe meteorologists from May onwards. But did you know the weather can affect your libido too?

Who doesn’t love having sex during a thunderstorm?!

Here sexual health and pleasure expert Samantha Evans, the co-founder of online luxury sex toy company Jo Divine, shares some fascinating insights into electric storms, speedy winter sperm and the perils of a damp bikini.

Lightning can make you feel sexually aroused

There is a sexual condition called fulgarophilia, an extreme sexual excitement that comes specifically from lightning.
Although rare, we can feel more sexy during a thunder and lightning storm due to the feeling of immense power that it creates. Some people love the adrenaline of watching huge lightning strikes crackle across the sky, or it may make them feel more protective towards their loved ones who may be feeling frightened.


August is the Sexiest Month

August is when many Brits have the most sex. We tend to wear less clothing, revealing more of our bodies, flirt more and feel much happier and better about ourselves. Going on holiday also increases our chances of having sex too. When it is sunny we generally spend more time outside in the sunlight, which boosts levels of the feel good hormones serotonin, dopamine and testosterone. Studies have found that testosterone levels can increase by a third during the summer compared to the winter months, leading to more orgasms.

Trying for a baby? Have sex in December

Research has found that the birth rate tends to peak during the third quarter of the year, leading to a higher number of conceptions during the winter months than at any other time of the year.
According to the Office of National Statistics, more babies are conceived in December with 11th December being the day when most babies are conceived, leading to 16th September as the most common birthday, 40 weeks after 11th December. Festive celebrations can lead to getting frisky with plenty of partying and time off to spend with your partner.

Sperm swim faster during the Winter

An Israeli study of 6000 men being treated for infertility found there was an increase in the number of sperm with faster swimming speeds and fewer abnormalities made during the winter. The men produced 70 million sperm per litre of semen during the winter, 5% of which had faster motility compared with sperm made during the spring, which was 60 million sperm per millilitre, 3% of which were faster swimmers. This may also explain why more babies are conceived in the winter than in the summer even though we may be having more sex because sperm are healthier and swim faster!

Look after your sexual health in the Summer

The long lazy days of summer invoke beach holidays, barbecues and wearing nothing but swimwear. However, the humidity and sitting around in wet swimwear will do nothing for your vagina/testicular health. There is nothing worse than feeling sore and chafed in your intimate areas to put you off having sex so always change out of your wet swimwear and rinse your body free from seawater or chlorinated pool water before heading off for lunch.

Be prepared and pack antifungal cream as sitting around in damp swimwear can also cause thrush for both sexes. Remember sand and seaweed can get into the most awkward of places which can cause irritation and even infection. The same goes for having sex in the pool or sea, especially when you don’t have lube. Perhaps best you always carry Yes Organic Double Glide lube (£15.99, jodevine.com).

Also invest in looser fitting underwear and swap silk or synthetic materials which hold onto to moisture for cotton to allow your skin to breathe, or even go commando. If you can’t face going underwear free, sleep in the nude to prevent yeast infections and to keep your testicles cool. People who sleep naked often have happier, more satisfying relationships anyway.