Your voice and scent determine how attractive you are

It turns out sound and smell are just as important as a chiseled jaw and solid thighs. Researchers from the University of Wroclaw in Poland examined over 30 years of literature to find an overview of studies that have looked into the role of voice and scent.

The paper’s authors reviewed 73 studies on attractiveness, published between 1977 and this year, to examine the relative importance of visual, auditory and olfactory cues, said Agata Groyecka, a researcher at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, who led the research.

They found that people make assumptions about another individual – sex, age, dominance, cooperativeness, emotional state, physical strength and even fertility – through their voice alone.

They also guess similar things through scent alone or through a combination of sight and smell.

‘Recently, most reviews have focused on visual attractiveness, for example, face or body attractiveness,’ Agata Gryoecka, the lead author of the study said. ‘However, literature about other sense and their role in social relations has grown rapidly and should not be neglected.

‘Perceiving others through all three channels [eyes, nose and ears] gives a more reliable and broader variety of information about them,’ she says.