Killing Kittens

Where fantasy becomes reality

Celebrating 20 years of sexual empowerment, we craft unforgettable hedonistic experiences around the world. Step into a world of sexual liberation, where excitement is limitless.

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Putting Kittens in Control

Kittens come first

We challenge established gender stereotypes by prioritising the safety and pleasure of our Kitten members.

Each Killing Kittens party is designed to be an immersive experience of fantasy and exploration, where Kittens are firmly in control every step of the way.

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Making headlines for two decades

Killing Kittens in the press

  • KK is a movement that provides women with a platform to discover themselves in an exciting, yet safe way. It has a certain mystique because it’s a known brand that prides itself on exclusivity.

  • KK epitomizes empowerment for women, fostering self-discovery within a secure, thrilling environment. Its aura of exclusivity adds to its allure, offering a unique space for exploration and growth

  • KK stands as a beacon for women's empowerment, offering a secure haven for self-discovery. The brand's exclusivity adds to its mystique, promising an exhilarating and safe journey of exploration.

    The Guardian