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Over a decade of turning heads and shocking the world

Killing Kittens’ famous hedonistic events challenge society’s shameful stigmas around sex. With a mission to eradicate archaic gender rules, in the KK community, women are in charge

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Queen kitten

Emma Sayle: Redefining Power & Revolutionizing Pleasure

I founded Killing Kittens in 2005 in response to demand from young, independent single women who wanted an adult party that reflected their modern values. We created the most decadent, extravagant and exclusive parties in the industry, where, for the first time, women were in control of the narrative and events.

Since then, Killing Kittens has grown into a global phenomenon that welcomes all genders and sexualities to come and play without losing this focus on empowering the traditionally disenfranchised to find love in their bodies, access pleasure and nourish their sex lives. At KK, Kittens will always come first.

Through Killing Kittens people have found the confidence to explore and honour their true sexual selves, whether that is at our live events or as part of our flourishing online social network. Partnerships have been formed and life-long friendships founded in the KK community, with new connections happening every day.

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