Invest In KK

Invest In KK

Invest in Killing KittensThe KK journey continues!  A huge shout out to all our Kittens and Toms for…

KK Pride Picnic

KK Proudly supporting Pride

Every summer events take place all over the world to celebrate Pride Month. KK is proud to be a huge supporter of pride and the…

how to deep throat

How to Deep Throat Like A Pro

You’ve learned to give the Ultimate Blow Job from a previous blog, now it’s time for us to teach you all you how to deep…



We always want to shout about business ideas that fit with KK ethos, that inspire, especially those with female founders driving a new cause and…


How to write the perfect dating profile – KK Edition

The new Killing Kittens platform is officially live! We’ve been seeing thousands of you creating your profiles and enjoying the new…

Life as a Tom

Life as a Tom

With a site dedicated to the empowerment of women, I wanted to take a few minutes to give my experience as a Tom….

White Party Review

The Not So Virginal White Ball- White Party Review

A Killing Kittens Party Review – The White Party Having joined KK over a year ago and having attended a few London based parties,…


20 Sexual Memes For Adults

Here are 20 hilariously relatable sex memes to brighten your day.Here are 20 of our favourite sex memes. So sit…


A Kittens Fantasy

Fulfilling and finding new fantasies is a massive part of KK. To give members a safe enviroment where they can experiment and push their boundaries….


Helping Couples Re ignite their sex lives with Psychosensual Therapy & Sensual Massage

Help with sexual fulfillment for couples I often see mixed gender couples who are experiencing sexual disconnection. This can be for several reasons, but often it…


How KK helped me find my soulmate

What makes KK so special is the members, the relationships that form be it friendships or more, each holds a special bond. This is the…


A guide to Shibari- Japanese Rope Bondage

Anna Noctuelle discovered Shibari – the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage – over a decade ago and has worked with this art form…


Fab Little Bag

Sometimes at KK we find a product that is so inspiring that we have to share it with the world. This is one of those…


Slipping Masturbation into your Self-Care Routine

This month is national masturbation month and to celebrate we’re looking at why you should add orgasms into your self care routine. There’s a lot of…


Beginners Guide to Squirting with Lola Jean

When we wanted to write a guide to squirting there was only one woman for the job, Lola Jean. Some of you may already know…


Johnny Cassell Elite seduction

The world of modern dating is an absolute mind-field for both women and men. With hundreds of different dating apps, the contrasting ideas of attraction…


The power of the Nude

What’s in a nude? Perhaps for you, a nude might include a semi-revealing picture. It could be a low-cut top or a particularly sexy outfit….

What is BDSM?

Beginners Guide to BDSM

A beginner’s guide to BDSM Many depictions of BDSM in the media are either incredibly fear-mongering or totally fluffy. You may be surprised to hear that…


Becoming Kitten and proud (part 2)

Sharing in peoples KK journeys is one of the highlights in our world. Part 1 told us of how Kitten M discovered the world…


Becoming Kitten and proud (part1)

Sharing in peoples KK journeys is one of the highlights in our world. Here we hear from Kitten M, who shares how she became Kitten…


KK Kokktail of the month- Margarita

“Margarita Day!!  Why wouldn’t we celebrate such an iconic & delicious drink? This simple concoction at its absolute foundations contains just three ingredients; #Tequila,…


Podcasts with Emma Sayle

Our Ceo and Queen Kitten Emma Sayle has gone podcast crazy. To find out more about the world of Killing Kittens, and Emma Sayle the…


Toms Behave!

KK parties were created to give our Kittens a safe space to sexplore without judgment, to help them become empowered in all aspects of their…


KK Guide to Pegging

Just because you own a dick doesn’t mean you should be denied a g-spot orgasm. Pegging isn’t a term that’s entirely well known to the world,…