How to Practice BDSM Breath Play Safely

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What is a Daddy Kink? Everything you need to know about DDLG 

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Sensational BDSM: Getting Started with Breath Play and Temperature Play

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How do I Squirt?

Where confirmation of an orgasm from someone with a vagina once seemed elusive, squirting is something we can see.…


How to give a good handjob: the secret to sacred handjob techniques

 “An amazing handjob feels like the biggest sugar rush all over your body.” Lucky anonymous There is a secret…


Double the Pleasure: How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

So, maybe you’ve used a vibrator before. And perhaps it’s brought you a great deal of uninhibited pleasure. If so, yay you! In…


A Guide to Foreplay Through the Eyes of a Tom

When it comes to foreplay, we men often get a pretty bad rap. I feel some of the ideas are sprouted so often…


All you need to know about sexting

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Exploring the world of BDSM: An introduction to kink

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BDSM Temperature play - Killing Kittens blog

Sensational BDSM: Getting started with wax play

Temperature play is a popular BDSM kink that can really turn up the heat in the bedroom. I’ve put together this saucy guide…


The Art of Kissing: A guide to the best kissing techniques  

The kiss is an erotic communication; communication of our body, our heart, our whole being. Our mouths, breath and moans expressing the desire,…


How to talk dirty over text

In this blog, coach, matchmaker and founder of Tailor Matched, Asa Baav shares why talking dirty over text might just be the opportunity…

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How to Explore your 7 Erogenous Zones

7 erogenous zones for you Kittens and Toms – and 7 surprise areas you might not have thought about! It’s time to…


Christmas comes early with Killing Kittens and the Kama Sutra

Christmas comes early with Killing Kittens and the Kama Sutra As ever at Killing Kittens, we like to keep things fresh. We like to push the boundaries,…


15 Years Of Killing Kittens – Through The Eyes Of Emma Sayle

Finding Myself In 2004, I was a lost, insecure 25-year-old with a decade of eating issues and a lifetime of body hang-ups. The thought of taking my…


Sex Toys Survey – The Results

All you need to know about Sex Toys is about to be unveiled!The results are in for one of our most widely anticipated…

What is intersex

What is Intersex?

Let’s get straight to it and look at the intersex meaning and definition. In our effort to open up all subjects, all topics,…

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Let’s Talk About Periods

Let’s talk about period blood. If you’re sitting there thinking ‘this subject isn’t for me’, then think again. This is for everyone to…

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Finding Sexual Liberation in Lockdown: A Personal Journey of Discovery

Kitten L openly and honestly talks about her journey to sexual liberation and how lockdown opened up a world of possibilities. Read her first account…

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How Sexual Assertiveness Will Bring You The Meaningful Connections You Crave

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want! By communicating your desires assertively you can transform your sex life to be…


Koming to KK

Kitten N bravely recounts her KK journey as a 2nd Gen Indian Muslim. Renowned TV Psychologist Emma Kenny offers her thoughts on Kitten N’s journey….


Don’t Bother to Dress Up

A book review from within the KK family! We bring you the Sayle Matriarch’s newly published book, Don’t Bother to…

Guide to STIs.

Guide to STIs

For sexual health week, we wanted to create a guide on STIs and give you all the information you need. Who better to ask than…


What is Stealthing?

Hello and hi from HANX: we’re a female-founded, intimate wellness brand whose mission is to keep y’all protected, empowered and informed. Annnnd for Sexual…