Unravelling the World of threesomes   The most wanted sexual fantasy and yet seemingly the most misunderstood and underprepared…so many questions spring to mind! 


Myths and Truths About Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamory is something of a taboo topic, even in the year 2020. As such, it becomes a difficult topic to broach in everyday…


Killing Kittens – Kabaret Review

A night of Killing Kittens Kabaret as told from one of our members. Our first cabaret We arrive at our hotel in…

sexual preferences

How to own your sexual preferences + desires while dating

Asa Baav is founder of Tailor Matched, offline dating for the wild at heart. She’s on a mission to take our dating and sex…


Opposites Attract; Three Steps to Intense Sexual Chemistry

by Caroline D’Arcy I’m Caroline, sex educator extraordinaire, coach and pleasure enthusiast. I’m also a ‘super-independent’, ‘I don’t need no man’ woman in recovery. Whoa hang on -…

national fetish day

Top sexual fetishes

January 17th is National Fetish Day, one our favourite days here at Kitten HQ. It’s a chance where we can ask our amazing members what secret…

Osmosis - Erotic story


Osmosis An Erotic story by James He hasn’t touched me in weeks. I hadn’t wanted to be touched in weeks. The sensation of desire—that I am a match that…

bijoux Indescrets

Bijoux Indiscrets

Interview with Bijoux Indiscrets Bijoux Indescrets is a brand we’ve loved for a long time so was super excited to be working with them. You may…

Tantric Massage

Tantra – Sensual Revolution or a Glorified Massage? 

Tantric Massage — Sensual Revolution or a Glorified Massage?  Shrouded in ancient mysticism and seeped in sensuality, the tantric arts have fascinated, intrigued and…

What is a fetish?

Fetish…what is a fetish?

We look at the widely searched yet widely misconstrued term ‘fetish’.  Let’s get technical first…google the term and you’re hit with a…


PUSSYPOTS – Pots with Pussies in them.

We’re always on the hunt for businesses doing amazing things, especially when it comes to the female body.   Our next guest blogger is doing exactly that….


Killing Kittens Birthday Ball Review

It always starts with looking at the KK website and choosing a party. This one was the Birthday Ball! Birthdays are always special but this one…

BDSM dating

Here’s our Guide to BDSM Dating

Single and ready to mingle? Exhausted the swipe right options? Looking for the best BDSM app to tap up?  Dating websites…

How to be dominant

How to be Dominant in Sex – What You Need to Know if You Want to be a Domme

When it comes to BDSM, a lot of people tend to think of the male-dominant style of dom-sub relationship. This is perhaps a result of there…

Can all women squirt?

Can All Women Squirt?

Squirting is something that gets talked about a lot these days and has become a fairly common sight in porn. It’s understandable that it garners so…

why is my vagina itchy?

The Vagina series Part 2- why does my Vagina itch?

In part one of the Vagina series, we discussed how every Vagina is different and why it smells. Part 2 looks into why your Vagina…

why does my vagina smell

The Vagina Series- Part One Is my Vagina normal and why does it smell?

In this 5 part series, KK will give you the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about Vaginas. Part 1 we look at…

Sankktuary in the city

Sankktuary in the City – Review

Sankktuary in the City. A new one for us most certainly. Three workshops were lined up for us to enjoy: sex positions, kissing and intimate…

Casual Sex

Can people really enjoy casual sex?

Can women really enjoy casual sex?  …aren’t we just hard-wired for attachment and love?  It’s a question I have been asked many times…

Car Sex

CARmasutra – How to have car sex

Sex in a car can be a fumbling mess but done correctly, a session in the back seat when your feeling horny can be orgasmically…

National Fitness Day

The Killing Kittens 7-day Sexercise guide

The 25th September is National Fitness Day, a day to celebrate being physically active. And what better way to celebrate than asking our KK members…

Killing Kittens Kabaret

A night of firsts at Kabaret

Kabaret has been one of Killing Kittens’s long-standing events and an absolutely fantastic night, for so many reasons. Here we share a review from Kitten…

How to clean your sex toys

How to clean your sex toys

How to clean sex toys and why you should be doing it regularly. Most of us have a collection of adult toys, and we certainly…

How to be a dom

Domming 101 – How to be a Dom

Everything you need to know about Domming. With the help of Dom and sex Educator, Lola JeanA Dom’s role. A Dom/me is the person facilitating a…