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How Sexual Assertiveness Will Bring You The Meaningful Connections You Crave

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want! By communicating your desires assertively you can transform your sex life to be…


Koming to KK

Kitten N bravely recounts her KK journey as a 2nd Gen Indian Muslim. Renowned TV Psychologist Emma Kenny offers her thoughts on Kitten N’s journey….


Don’t Bother to Dress Up

A book review from within the KK family! We bring you the Sayle Matriarch’s newly published book, Don’t Bother to…

Guide to STIs.

Guide to STIs

For sexual health week, we wanted to create a guide on STIs and give you all the information you need. Who better to ask than…


What is Stealthing?

Hello and hi from HANX: we’re a female-founded, intimate wellness brand whose mission is to keep y’all protected, empowered and informed. Annnnd for Sexual…

body positivity

An Open Letter to KK Members on Body Image by Kitten G

Dear Kittens and Toms,   I think I have a secret of a serious nature to let loose on you.  And….and I’m wondering…

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety for men

Sex is meant to be one of, if not that most enjoyable acts that a human being can engage in. It was designed that way,…


Sexual Negotiation: What Happens When You Have Different Desires?

What do you do when you aren’t on the same page as your lover about your sexual values, ideas and preferences? Dating and relationship coach and…


Using Sex Toys With Your Partner

Sex Positions You Can Improve With A Toy. Many live under the false impression that sex toys are only good for masturbating. This couldn’t be further…

future of porn

Future Of Porn

An Industry Expert Discusses The Future Of Porn Almost everyone will stumble across porn in their lifetime, whether they choose to admit it or not. Once…

Penis Massage Tips

Penis Massage Tips

We spoke with Jessica Parker about the basics when it comes to Penis Massage. From what to focus on to how to finish.Want to…


Relationships & Sex During The Pandemic

What state is your relationship in? Has lockdown affected you as a couple? Do you feel your emotions are yo-yoing at the moment?…


Different sex postions you probably haven’t heard of

Want to spice things up a bit? Here are some sex positions you probably haven’t heard of. Swiss Ball Blits Got an exercise collecting dust? Put it…

Guide to Tantric Sex

What We Can Learn From Tantric Sex

Tantra offers a whole new (ancient) way of being in a sexual connection, that allows for deeper levels of feeling, sensation, and super…

Erotic Story

Curioser – Erotic Story

(extract from Walking Shadows, erotic collection) We get so many of you Kittens and Toms sending in the sexiest stories…

Sexy Gifts for her

Sexy Gifts for Her

Sometimes it’s difficult knowing where to start when searching for a gift. We’ve made a guide on sexy gifts for her that will guarantee those brownie…

vulva massage

Vulva Massage Tips

Want to know the basics of a Vulva Massage?We’ve teamed up with the amazing Jessica Parker who will be spillings the beans on how…

List of Sexualities

Everything You Need to Know About Sexualities

As the world evolves, so does the freedom to be whoever you want to be. Sexuality, of course, plays a massive role…

Room 803

Room 803

We have been fucking from across The Atlantic on WhatsApp for about two weeks now. He is traveling to New York…

Kegel exercises

Kegels – Everything you need to know

Introducing Your New Orgasmic Workout – Kegels  The concept of Kegels and Kegel exercises have been around since the 1940s when it was discovered by Dr…


Confidence is Sexy!

Confidence is Sexy! Having confidence is so damn sexy and plays an essential part in having a great sex life. Think about it. To lay yourself…

The Guide to the G-Spot blog by Killing Kittens

KK’s Guide to G Spot

The Ultimate Guide to All You Need to Know about the G-Spot. The mighty G-Spot, where art thou? It’s the elusive search for both…

Killing Kittens LockDown Survey

KK’s Lockdown Survey

The results are in!  We analyse your results from the KK Lockdown Survey and what you’ve all been up to…or not as…

Open Relationships

Could An Open Relationship Be Right For You?

Tailor Matched founder Asa Baav discovers whether three is a crowd, or the secret to true happiness in this month’s blog