Kegel exercises

Kegels – Everything you need to know

Introducing Your New Orgasmic Workout – Kegels  The concept of Kegels and Kegel exercises have been around since the 1940s when it was discovered by Dr…


Confidence is Sexy!

Confidence is Sexy! Having confidence is so damn sexy and plays an essential part in having a great sex life. Think about it. To lay yourself…

G Spot

KK’s Guide to G Spot

The mighty G-Spot, where art thou? It’s the elusive search for both men and women, shrouded in mystery and doubt that it even…

Killing Kittens LockDown Survey

KK’s Lockdown Survey

The results are in!  We analyse your results from the KK Lockdown Survey and what you’ve all been up to…or not as…

Open Relationships

Could An Open Relationship Be Right For You?

Tailor Matched founder Asa Baav discovers whether three is a crowd, or the secret to true happiness in this month’s blog

what is edging

What is Edging and How to Do It?

A Guide to Edging for Extra Intense Orgasms Think you know everything there is to know about masturbation? Think again! Dating coach, matchmaker and founder of…

Killing Kittens - Online Workshop review

Killing Kittens Online Workshops – Review

At the start of lockdown we took our sex education workshops online. In the space of a few months, we’ve covered everything from…

Ethical Porn

Is All Porn Ethical?

What is Ethical Porn? Regular porn is all about the thrill for the viewer. The ultimate orgasm at the end is first and foremost….


The Clitoratti – Online review

Kittens on lockdown: finding fulfilment in a corona-riddled world… It’s Friday night and for the first time since lockdown commenced, I have a party to go…

Room 803

Room 803

We have been fucking from across The Atlantic on WhatsApp for about two weeks now. He is traveling to New York…

lelo sona cruise 2

Lelo – Sona Cruise 2 Review

We’ve heard great things about the Lelo Sona Cruise 2 so we wanted to put them to the test A 40-year-old and a 23-year-old walk…


LELO Soraya 2 Review

Two of our Kittens reviewed the LELO Soraya 2, a 44-year-old and a 23-year-old. We asked our members what their all-time favourite toys were and…

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap Book Review

Isolation has unlocked a whole new level of communication in the world of Killing Kittens. We’re loving being able to host weekly chats…

Anal Play

Guide to Anal Play 

During our hectic and busy lives, we all look forward to having time to ourselves and catch up on things we enjoy. Like I was…


Dr Pam – Seeing things in colour

We spoke with the woman who see’s things in colour.   When asking Dr. Pam to explain her job she describes it as ‘a varied career with…

Tova Leigh

Tova Leigh – F*cked at 40

Why everyone needs to read Tova Leigh’s F*cked at 40 book.   Have a read of Tova Leigh’s F*cked at 40 they said, write…

erotic stories

Happy Birthday Darling

After a lot of comments from you guys we’ve decided to add an erotic stories section to the KK blog. We get so many of…


CHYOA – an adventure into erotica

Remember when you were younger and hopefully a little more innocent than you are right now? Remember reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books where…

Tailor Matched

Awakening Your Female Sexual Powers

The outdated masculine model of sexuality focused on performance in bed is OUT. Sex that values pussy power and female pleasure is most definitely IN,…

KK house party

Our KK Newbies Guide to the online KK House Party!

Covid-19 has brought about unimaginable changes to our lives but here at KK we wanted to keep the community spirit alive and kicking!…

Black Honey Toys

Black Honey Toys

Representation matters. Seeing yourself reflected in your retail experience can be empowering and uplifting; just as the scarcity of products which reflect you and your…

underwear in isolation

How to Rock Lockdown Lingerie

  Which way to go? Let it all hang loose or shall we put the effort in? If you’re like a vast majority of…

Spring clean your sexual health

Spring Cleaning for Men’s Sexual Health

Spring has officially sprung! With spring comes the dreaded chores of spring cleaning, but have you ever done spring cleaning for your own sexual health?…

How to make your cum taste nice

Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Yum!

Aight’ people–who are we kidding?  Everyone wants to have a cock or pussy that smells and tastes ridiculously delicious.  Enter…