Becoming Kitten and proud (part 2)

Sharing in peoples KK journeys is one of the highlights in our world. Part 1 told us of how Kitten M discovered the world…


KK Shero : Poorna Bell

Here at Killing Kittens, we revel in the glorious sunshine of success from our many Sheroes of the world; be that in the form of…


Becoming Kitten and proud (part1)

Sharing in peoples KK journeys is one of the highlights in our world. Here we hear from Kitten M, who shares how she became Kitten…


KK Kokktail of the month

“Margarita Day!!  Why wouldn’t we celebrate such an iconic & delicious drink? This simple concoction at its absolute foundations contains just three ingredients; #Tequila,…


Boudoir Themed Photoshoot

PHOTOSHOOT CALL Want to take part in a boudoir themed photoshoot for KK? We’re looking for; girls, guys, couples and singles from our Kommunity to appear on…


Has Pornography Altered Your Expectations or Changed Your Sex Life?

Pornography is easier than ever to access. I’m not saying for a second that it’s not hot. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use it….


Podcasts with Emma Sayle

Our Ceo and Queen Kitten Emma Sayle has gone podcast crazy. To find out more about the world of Killing Kittens, and Emma Sayle the…


Indemnity Insurance for Kittens and their Toms. High Priority.

With uncertainty over Brexit and the increasing levels of litigation, we are experiencing we are aware of a possible change in insurance requirements for all…


Toms Behave!

KK parties were created to give our Kittens a safe space to sexplore without judgment, to help them become empowered in all aspects of their…


The sisterhood in Vegas

Hi hi Please spare 30 seconds to read this blog with a heavy Saylo’s attention-grabbing again eye roll/ heavy sigh 340 MILES OF CRAZY, NON -STOP ULTRA…


Perfecting the art of pegging

Pegging isn’t a term that’s entirely well known to the world, and it still carries a slight taboo, though we’re not entirely sure as to…

sensual side bdsm

The Sensual Side to BDSM

You don’t have to be a total sadist to enjoy all that a D/s relationship has to offer. In fact, what a lot of people…


why the Labels?

As we have just celebrated Independent Women’s Day, our founder and Queen Kitten, Emma Sayle looks at why women have to be defined and labelled?


Sex and Sleep

Today, the 15th March is National sleep day, so we have decided to look at the relationship between sex and sleep, does it help or…


International Kittens Day: Sex, Self-love and happiness

Meow! Ladies, it’s our day! International Women’s Day is all about celebrating female freedom and empowerment, and what could be more liberating than unleashing our…


Living with Endometriosis and how to make it your bitch.

With March being National Endometriosis month, and so many women around the world suffering from the condition, we have an interview with Kitten A who…

Killing Kittens Review Ireland

An Irish Kitten partying in her homeland

Kittens and Toms travel far and wide to attend our infamous Killing Kittens parties, but there is a completely different vibe and atmosphere if…


The KK Beginners guide to Anal Sex

Anal sex is very much like marmite. But whether you’re part of the ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ club, you’ll need your experience pass to…


KK kokktail of the month

Welcome back to drinking…. Happy February. So let’s ease you all back into a drink. Back in the early 1900s people were regular hard liquor…


Love or Lust?

As Valentine’s Day approaches and we bask in the sheer glory of love, the other sensations are pushed into the shadows. So let’s shine some…


the school of KK, a Kittens education

Joining Killing Kittens opens up a whole new world of fun. One of the most amazing parts of this world is the friendships formed, the…


A guide to writing erotic fiction

Everyone knows the porn industry’s plot lines absolutely suck (literally). Enter the plumber or pizza delivery guy and we all know what’ll happen next! That’s…


time for a pap smear?

So, if we asked what were your thoughts on PAPs, your head would go straight to flashing cameras rushing after celebrities right? Invasion of space?…


Yoni Maintenance

Okay, so we all know how to wash our bits in the shower. That’s a given. But this post hopes to help you keep below deck…